The Definitive Silver Star Harmony Package For Lunar Fans

XSEED Games know Lunar fans are used to getting more, and while the limited edition of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony doesn't get close to the lavish releases Working Designs gave us in the '90s, it's nothing to sneeze at.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is an enhanced remake of Lunar: The Silver Star, coming to the PSP courtesy of XSEED Games in Q1 of 2010. While the game will retail for $US29.99, $US10 more will net players a special limited edition package containing a soundtrack CD and a set of 13 exclusive "bromide" collector cards featuring the girls of Lunar.

"As the definitive version of Lunar: The Silver Star with completely reworked graphics, a remastered soundtrack containing songs new and old, an enhanced battle system and additional story elements never before revealed, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony deserved a special Limited Edition version to commemorate the rebirth of this beloved franchise," stated Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. "For fans of the previous iteration, we've built upon the English script from before to offer returning fans something new while keeping the heart of the original outstanding localisation intact."

As I said, it's certainly not the cloth map, soundtrack CD, hardbound instruction manual and making of videos of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, but it'll do. They just don't make them like Working Designs anymore.


    Damn it all!! I REALLY MUST HAVE THIS!

    This will be freakin' expenno to import!! When's the Aussie date? If there is one?

    This really shits me. why the fuck dont we australian gamers get these games?why the fuck do we always miss out? missing out on tales of the abyss was bad enough, now this?!

      We don't get these games typically because we are a small market. Australian retailers are unlikely to stock a game when it would sell no more than maybe 100 units nationwide.

      The good news is that PSP games are region free so you can import this without any dramas.

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