The Eye Of Judgment Drops Camera, Cards And UMD For PSP Version

Sony will release The Eye of Judgment Legends on PSP in North America, trimming the fat of the PlayStation Eye and physical cards, focusing only on the core card-based board game strategy gameplay.

The Eye of Judgment Legends (don't-call-it-a-port) version will also drop one more physical object: the UMD. Legends will hit the PlayStation Store in North America as a digital download sometime in (wait for it) spring of 2010, packing in some 300 digital cards, 30 of which are unique to the PSP version.

Sony will also offer wireless card trading, a story mode and downloadable booster packs - at some point - with the PSP version of Eye of Judgment.



    This should be good. I loved EoJ but buying the cards always felt embarrasing and the camera occaisonally had trouble reading them so much it cost me my turn online. Not to mention having to buy new DLC every time i wanted new cards was a pain. But the core gameplay was really fun so i'm really looking forward to this. Any word yet on the pricing for the Downloadable booster packs?

    my question.. will cards that were bought for the ps3 version of the game be transferable to the psp version.. or will the greedy route be taken requiring players to repurchase cards they already have in the ps3 arsenal.. would LOVE this game 4 my psp. . but only if i can transfer my existing cards AT NO ADDITIONAL COST

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