The Fall And Fall Of Duke Nukem Forever

The latest issue of Wired has a great piece by Clive Thompson on the death of Duke Nukem Forever, and the development studio it took with it.

There's little real news in the piece - after all, the demise of both DNF and 3D Realms has been well-documented - but not everything has to be about news.

Instead, the article does a great job of providing some context to the game's troubles, and the stories of the men who contributed most to its downfall. That and it has another amazing gaming illustration by Olly Moss. Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem [Wired]


    I tipped Kotaku US off to this the second it came off Wired's presses. If you want to know about the development of Duke Nukem Forever, here's your wish. It's a great read.

    Im still optimistic about Duke Nukem Forever coming out, I have been following the news May and with that D-Day pic being released a few weeks ago, I have the feeling 3d Realms are cooking something up.


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