The Giant 1/1 Scale Gundam Statue RETURNS!

Missed the 1/1 scale giant Gundam when it was in Tokyo's Odaiba this past summer? It may be long gone, but that doesn't mean the chances of you seeing it are kaput. Far from it!

A Bandai Namco spokesperson has revealed that the huge 18-meter statue will be once again erected in the city of Shizuoka this July — specifically, the east exit of Japan Rail Higashi-Shizuoka Station.

Why Shizuoka? The Production Factory for Bandai's Gundam plastic models are located in Shizuoka. This is a homecoming of sorts. A really, really big homecoming.

Originally, the statue went up in Tokyo's Odaiba last July for the 35th Anniversary of Gundam and was taken done in September. The statue was visited by over 4 million.

等身大ガンダム、静岡で来年7月に復活決定 [SANSPO via reggiocomics via DannyChoo]


    this thing is so rad. It's almost like mecca or something

    I wont be able to go to Japan for years... I just hope this time it's placement is permanent. I WILL see the robot.

    Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but it was more of a temporary comemerative thing rather than permanent. It will probably be gone completely in a few years if not sooner. Unless they somehow get it into a museume or something.

    Let's just hope a Transformer doesn't accidentally leave behind an All-Spark scrap. Or we're doomed.

    Dammit! I'm going to Japan in March-April. That doesn't help at all!

    If this stays up it will become a mecha mecca.

    Now i just wish japan would stop focusing on building replica gigantic robots and focus on building real gigantic robots.

      It fights crime at night, when visitors aren't allowed.

      They are already building "real" giant robots in Japan. Do a search on YouTube and you'll find a few. Sure they move at 5mph and have paintball cannons instead of chain guns, but give them time.

    I want one of them on my roof...

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