The Halo: Reach World Premiere Video From The VGAs

These two minutes come from the opening cinematic of Halo: Reach, establishing the story of Noble Team, assigned to defend the planet. The video announces that the multiplayer beta - invitations included in Halo 3: ODST - begins Spring 2010.


    this is so much better to wake up to than my end of school results (no uni for me xD)

    Play as ODST and MC? or does he have more new armour

      you don't play as the master chief or an odst. you play as some random spartan.\

      more master chiefs? WTF. master chief is a ranking idiot. you should say more spartans.

      i don't think entire viddeo either. they said a 2 minute vid but that's only 1:21

    Are they using the same engine as Halo 3 and ODST?

    I thought the skull was funny but also kinda cool. I was under the impression it was real gameplay, so my dream was shattered for now.

    More chiefs, more awesome!

      New engine and pre-render with in-game engine. Yep thats about it.

    Well that was underwhelming

    Oh well

    The whole clip is here, I downloaded the 720P version so as not to install silverlight.

    What is shepard doing in my halo!?

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