The Magic Obelisk: Game Arts’ First Original Title In 10 Years

The Magic Obelisk: Game Arts’ First Original Title In 10 Years

Grandia and Lunar developer Game Arts delivers its first original title in over a decade to WiiWare next week, with The Magic Obelisk, an action-adventure game about the deep bonds formed between tree spirit and light spirit.

Lukas is a tree spirit who wants to use his power to transform into a tree to help people around the world. Unfortunately, Lukas can only travel in the shadows. Enter Popo, a light spirit who can shine near the mysterious Magic Obelisks to create shadows. Together the two traverse more than 30 stages, overcoming robots, ghosts, and spirits on their quest to find the perfect place to take root.

“It has certainly been a long time coming, but we’re very pleased to give North American gamers a chance to play The Magic Obelisk, a game that has been truly a labour of love for us,” said Kazuki Morishita, President of GAME ARTS. “It is our goal to bring players not only addictive gameplay, but also an emotional response to characters and their dependence on one another.”

It looks gorgeous, in a storybook kind of way. After a decade of remakes, sequels, and the odd licensed title, it’s good to see Game Arts getting back to its roots.



  • Um…should make for an interesting puzzler. Although I’d probably spend a few minutes each level frying that poor tree. 😛

  • Sounds very cool. The last great innovative puzzle game was Portal and thats almost 3 years old, hopefully this game will get the same great reception as portal did. Unfortunately i don’t think this will get quite the attention portal got, mostly because it isn’t thrown in free with other games or made by valve.

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