The Mass Effect 2 Cinematic Trailer At The VGA

Just posted to YouTube, we'll see how long it lasts, but here's the trailer just now shown at the 2009 Video Game Awards down in Los Angeles.

Mass Effect 2 [YouTube, thanks Zachariah S.]


    Holy balls.

    Do want. Still time to crack out another run through ME I guess!

      I was doing that on the PC. But I have the new one pre-ordered on 360 and remembered that my biotic looked like an ugly pasty old witch hag from the planet hagtron. I think I shall make new xbox Jane Sheppard...awww hag lady was level 60 too..Though I doubt they will let start playing at level 60...hmmm

    Holy buckets!

    imagine if the gameplay was like this

      id guess 2 more generations and games will look better ingame than that

    god damn thresher maws.

    Om nom nom! This trailer plus that Halo: Reach trailer make for some good game lovin'.

    Who's that voice, sounds familiar?

      Martin Sheen.

      You might remember him from such films and shows as:
      The West Wing, The American President and Hot Shots Part Deux

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