The Most Expensive Wii In The World Is A Rip Off

Recession? What recession? Liverpool, England's Stuart Hughes likes to cover electronics in gold, call them SUPREME (his caps, not mine), and ask INSANE (my caps, not his) prices for them.

His latest project is the Nintendo Wii SUPREME, for which he wants the equivalent of $US483,883. The console contains 2500 grams of solid 22ct gold and the front buttons house two 78 x 0.25 ct flawless diamonds. The total of both diamonds is 19.5 karats.

The total value of the gold and the two diamonds is considerably less than what Stuart Hughes is asking. What's more, you'll have to play your SUPREME Wii with a NORMAL Wii Remote.

Let's say that the gold is US$1000 an ounce for a total of about $US88,185. And the diamonds are about, say, $US400 a karat for a total of $US31,200 for the diamonds. Both bring the grand total to almost $US200,000 - not including the price of a Nintendo Wii. Stuart Hughes site says that it takes six months to make one of these things. Stuart Hughes' time is very valuable. Six months will cost you, give or take, $US283,000.

Only three of these will be made. You can buy it online, too. Go ahead, do it.

Stuart Hughes [Official Site, Thanks Kal!]


    if it only comes with a normal wii remote then i'm not gonna buy it. i laugh at the poor people who do.

    It doesn't makes sense to criticise the markup. Most jewellery is sold for twice the value of the gold and stones it contains. Nobody works with such expensive material and then adds just 10% to the cost.

    Good chance of over heating isnt it? its encased in a metal lunch box basically

    That's the price of exclusivity.

    Of course If you don't attach value to having something others don't, then...

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