The New Stages Of Super Street Fighter IV

Capcom has dropped a butt-load of new screens showcasing five new stages in Super Street Fighter IV. Korea, Africa and India join Metro City and Seth's S.I.N. Lab as venues in which you may get your chop-socky hadouken on.

Capcom's Seth Killian provides a commentary of the new sites over on Capcom-Unity, pointing out that you can fight during an eclipse and knock over wildlife in Africa, or rumble in the lab during a total meltdown. Be sure to see the full-size versions and check out all the background characters and features.

Super Street Fighter IV is due out in the spring.

Once again, the full gallery is here, so be sure to check out all the new shots.


    im gonna get this because of Adon hell yeah!!!
    but im torn should i get this one or Tekken6?...

      I loved Tekken 5, played it religiously...until SF4 came out.
      Was totally looking forward to Tekken 6...until SF4 graced my PS3.
      Now I'm not even feeling like I'm missing anything by not playing Tekken 6.
      CANNOT wait for SSF4.

    i will tell you to get ssf4, because i like fighting games where you dont get chain-combod. Hate huge combos...

    Hey is that hugo in the background as an audience memeber in the bottom right?

    It's great to see India, Dhalsim's stage up there, amongst the new stages! I personally thought that the stages were a bit crappy in the original SFIV. At least they are somewhat more detailed now.

    Can't wait to play this awesome fighter when it come out!

    Oh, and @whatthi, I'd wait for Tekken 6 to get cheaper, which it will, in Australia anyway, since fighting games don't sell all that great, and besides, it's not as huge as the SF series.

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