The Non-Adventure Adventure Game

Dutch game designer Kenney Vleugels realises how prosaic life can be sometimes. Not that a flash game about watching a DVD turns that into an epic happening. But it is more interactive than reading someone tweet about it.

Vleugels, designer of 16 flash games, has put together "Kenney's Bite-Sized Non-Adventures" (above). Part 1 is "Watch a movie." In it, you play our hero, exploring his apartment while finding the remote control and DVD that will unlock his happiness. For the next 90 minutes anyway. (The DVD, not the game.)

"Up next I'll try to make you experience my morning ritual," Kenney writes. Uh, if it's anything like mine you can keep that to yourself, bub. Thanks. Kenney's Bite Sized Non-Adventures [Kenney Vleugels]


    Game finished in less than a minute

    Playing this game felt like a regular day at work. A guy in blue and orange clothing telling me what to do to make him happy.

    It was creepy.

    hur hur hur hur, I see what you did there in your last paragraph.

    It's what I imagine the start of Heavy Rain to be like...

      Plain and simple, yet entertaining, that is.

      For entirely different reasons, though

    I would be surprised if a lot of people played this, then again, it's a boring concept that's still a concept which hasn't been tried before.

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