The PSP Comic Store Opens Today

What better day than a Thursday to launch Sony's new digital comic book service on the PSP?

I'm not sure how it works in other countries, but in the US, comic book fans have received Pavlovian conditioning that starts them drooling once the clock rolls over from Tuesday to Wednesday. Wednesday is when the new comic books arrive, making it a fitting day for Sony to launch its digital comics service for the PSP. Of course there's still no sign of DC Comics, but Marvel and Disney fans are sure to be pleased.

I've been a Marvel reader for most of my life, but with Green Lantern Blackest Night event going on and my recent love affair with Vertigo's Fables series, I'm not sure I'll be putting down my DC books long enough to purchase digital Marvel comics anytime soon.

The comic store goes live at 5pm GMT in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. North America will get it when they get it.

Digital Comics Service Launches Today [PlayStation Blog Europe]


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