The Saboteur Is Le Patched, But Will Need Un Autre , Soon

The Saboteur's PC version had big problems out of the box - something like 9 out of 10 ATI-equipped systems couldn't make it work properly. The remnants of Pandemic have rolled a patch, but be sure to read it carefully.

While the 13.8MB patch should fix the ATI issues, Electronic Arts wants you to accept an EULA before you download it. And then, users with quad core CPUs will need to implement a workaround (described here, see "Known Issues & Current Workaround), otherwise they "will possibly have significant streaming issues." This is funny because the game's specs recommend a 2.8GHz Quad Core CPU.

EA says it's aware of the issue and working on a fix for the next patch update. And "while this will decrease the amount of streaming glitches, it is not a fool-proof fix."

So wait a minute, is the damn thing patched or not? BETA Patch Report/Support Thread [EA Forums via VE3D]


    Sadly, this is why I've moved slowly over to console gaming...sure, there's still issues with games, but odds are it'll play out of the box. I love my PC gaming but there is too much dicking around to get things A1 nowadays.

      Same here

      bah this is a bad exsample anyway your talking about a game thats developer folded during production

      it was gonna have teething issues although these are somewhat big

      until consoles stop forcing me to use a backwards ass gamepad im only playing the stuff thats garunteed nvr to come to PC

    All of you are traitors

      Traitors? BAHAHAAHA. When DoW2 released (I got it a day early thanks to broken street date), I then had to wait through five hours of install Steam, install game, game doesn't work, restart machine, game still doesn't work, uninstall game & Steam, restart machine, reinstall Steam from scratch as a stand alone, reinstall game, GAME STILL DOESNT WORK BECAUSE THE DIGITAL ACTIVATION WAS STREET DATED AND I CANT PLAY SOMETHING I LEGALLY OWN.

      PC gaming went down in flames when restrictive DRM made it undesirable for me to ever buy something legally. I switched to 360 and haven't looked back. Things with consoles are as easy as they should be. Game goes in. Game plays. If I want it to be quiet, game gets installed (without error or input). No upgrading every eighteen months. My entire system cost as much as a high end graphics card. And it's guaranteed that way for another four to five years (not counting Natal).

      Why would I play PC ever again?

    I used to be a PC gamer, sometimes I wished I still was one. It's just that with all the money I was spending on games, I couldn't afford to keep upgrading my computer to play them. What with most games being multi-platform these days anyway...

    That is a beautiful subject title by the way.
    Just slides right off the tongue.

      I'm kinda glad our PCs aren't bricking though. I fear for my life every time my Wii updates.

    Both the "update every 18 months" argument and the "same price as a graphics card" argument are flimsy at best.

    If you are an informed consumer in any way, you can update quite cheaply once every two years and never have an issue running a game at reasonable settings. If anything, the arms race for PC specs has slowed down significantly in the last few years.

    The graphics card argument is also false for the vast majority of consumers. If you can afford a "high end" card and are willing to spend that kind of money, then the price issue is a moot point. Why would I buy a Ferrari F-50 when a Toyota Celica is cheaper? Because that is what i want to spend the money on. That doesn't mean that every driver is required to spend crazy amounts of money on a car. There are cheaper cars that serve their function perfectly well.

    I will throw my hat in for the DRM argument though. If anything is killing PC gaming, it's making games more difficult for a legitimate customer to play than a pirate. I STILL can't play Red Faction Guerilla at all, I can't play Dawn of War II online, I can't play Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 at random times for no adequately explained reason. Borderlands STILL has obscene networking issues due to shoddy implementation of anti-piracy measures.

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