The Sentinel: Mass Effect 2's Swiss Army Class

Mass Effect 2's lead combat designer Christina Norman gives us the skinny on the Sentinel, the character class that has it all.

The Sentinel is essentially the Paladin of the Mass Effect universe, with a variety of offensive and defensive skills and the ability to use both tech and Biotics, making them the most versatile class in the game. They even have armour with a shield around it that harms enemies when it goes down. All they need now is a hearth stone and they'll never fall in battle.


    Great. Now I'm pissed I have to wait till JAN to get this haha

    despite the awesomeness of the sentinel. It sounds very overpowered. I wonder how they will balance it out so that people would actually have a reason to choose the other classes.

    This also better not be some kind of end-game unlockable. That would suck

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