There May Actually Be A Mirror's Edge 2

Before editing the entry earlier today, the resume of Oscar Carlén - senior lighting artist at DICE - included the words "Mirror's Edge 2".

Of course, since being discovered it's gone, but previously, it had said that Carlén was currently involved on two projects: Battlefield 3, which we already knew about, and Mirror's Edge 2. Which we didn't know about.

Whether both projects are still going ahead after EA's recent blood-letting is anyone's guess, but I'm in no mood for guesses today. I'm in the mood for hope, and with Mirror's Edge my retrospective GOTY 2008, it's time to start hoping.

Portfolio of Oscar Carlen [oscarlen, via Joystiq]


    Mirror's Edge on PC was a dramatic improvment over the console version. The more refined movement control you get from using a mouse to aim your jumps, combined with the more solid frame rate make it a much better experience over all.

    I really did like both version but the PC version totally bumps the game from a 7/10 to an 8.5/10 for me.

    Keen if this is true.

    The console version was easy to control, people who think the first game was bad, really are dead set gumbies.

    Excite. Two Mirrors Edge in one day - even if i dont have an iPhone.

    I just finished it Mirrors Edge yesterday. Frustrating as hell but I loved every second of it. I really hope this is for real, I'd buy it in a heartbeat

    i think the sequel should have 3rd person and 1st person perspectives.

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