This 15-Year-Old PSP Character Is Missing Something

It's a mystery, but not! The released art for PSP game Misshitsu Sacrifice from Japanese publisher D3 appears to have forgotten things - namely, underpants.

This promotional image features more of 15-year-old Miki than perhaps she'd like to be shown. And as the Japanese internet has pointed out, this game makes it appear as if all the young heroines cannot be bothered with dressing themselves properly. Underwear is important!

Except in the bath.

Misshitsu Sacrifice is a psychological adventure thriller out next February in Japan. It is rated ages 15 and up. There's blood, too.

『密室のサクリファイス』ヒロインのミキは完全に穿いてない少女 [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]


    Is it just me or does that Green haired child-woman have 3 breasts?

      DOOD! Total Recall!!

      It's just the way her hand is placed and the outlining of the art.

      Side note: I thought that even drawings of minors was considered illegal (at least in Australia)? Anyone know?

        Dont worry! Australia has you covered! Im sure when the filter gets brought in stuff like this Kotaku page will get edited because of stuff like that. I HATE this country.

          Not just *this* Kotaku page. If reported, the hole Kotaku domain would end up on the blacklist.

    yeah, looks like she has. I'd be hoping thats just funny arm placement, cause you wouldn't be able to get support for the that.

    Arm placement my ass, she's got 3 boobs!

    can't unsee.

    o wow thats quite hot

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