This Aliens Vs Predator Special Edition Will Hug Your Face

aliens vs predator limited edition pcThat there is your Australian limited edition of Aliens Vs Predator, the once-banned but now MA15+ Sega shooter launching on February 18. Let's take a closer look at what you're getting.

You'll be able to pick up Aliens Vs Predator in three flavours come Feb 18. First, there is the Standard edition: just the game in a DVD case for $99.95 on 360/PS3 and $89.95 on PC.

Second, there is the Survivor edition: game, steelbook case and four exclusive multiplayer maps for $119.95 on 360/PS3 and $109.95 on PC.

Third, there is the Hunter edition (PC version pictured above): game, all the content from the Survivor edition, plus "prestige packaging" (which I think means the oversized box everything fits into), a replica mouldable facehugger, a Weyland sleeve badge (ie. a patch to sew onto your jacket or shirt) and a 3D lenticular card (which seems to depict an alien and predator cornering a marine). All that comes to $139.95 on 360/PS3 and $129.95 on PC.

No mention of any retail exclusivity, just that it will be available from "all good gaming specialist stores."


    sweet holy moses.. i have always wanted a facehugger replica...

    My money points cry in agony!!!

    Hunter edition - here i come.

    Non-exclusivity would be fantastic though, as it may drive the price down a smidge.

    Why does the PC version cheaper?
    i see most games PC is cheaper... but why?

      Which English stream did you take at school? Oh yeah, festive season heckle.

      usually pc games are about $10 cheaper to promote purchasing instead of pirating the game.

      From what I understand, they are cheaper because they don't go through a validation process with Microsoft/Sony like console games do.

        also there unreturnable nowhere lets you return or resell PC games and the lack of a used games market in the PC means there are more actuall sales for the developer

        plus no console overheads

      The games are cheaper on PC because no PC manufacturer takes a cut of the games asking price. For every playstation/wii/xbox 360 game sold you hand over a percentage directly to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

    Because publishers screw PC gamers on every game so hey look heres $10 off yay lets do the happy dance!

      Personally i'd prefer the PC version.. unfortunately my laptop wouldn't come close to running it well..

      And i think they are cheaper more to do with the fact that most of these games are made for PC first, then the Console adjustments are made adding cost to the process... i could be wrong though

        It's because a licencing fee goes to the console manufacturer for every copy sold of a console game hence they pass it onto the consumer

          well i was almost right then :P

    It's no Pokemon, but that facehugger is hard to beat for the ultimate movie/game merchandise.

      but wouldn't it be good if it was...

      I choose you!!! Facehugger!!!
      Facehugger, use Facehugger Attack...
      / end battle

      Now gimme my badge! :p

        This reminds me of a picture I saw on the net; it had a photo of the original chest burster scene, accompanied by the caption: 'NEVER swallow a pokeball!'

        Anyway, that replica looks a bit... Scrawny, doesn't it? I'll still get the hunter edition, but it looks kind of skinny.

    I see "games for windows" on the box... is it a Live title? I love getting achievements on the PC~

      my view is no all games basically have games for windows on them now the way to tell if there live normally is a blue


      under PCDVD


        Hmm yeah you're right, damn... I love me some achievements. Now I'll have to decide between PC and 360, what a pain...

    Although I'm not one to buy them myself, it's nice to see developers working harder and harder to make their special/collectors editions something that people will really want to have. The Nightvision goggles in MW2 (weird, but no other game has done something like that before), and now a rad mouldable facehugger for AvP. Though they do tend to go over the top and stuff it with a bunch of entirely unwanted excess stuff.

    I suppose when so many games are moving to digital distribution, producers are really trying to get people to buy physical media (Most likely though, because of the $50/$60 price difference).

    To be honest, I'd probably just prefer a boxed 'light' or 'no frills' version (minimal packaging, manual in PDF form). I just like having something physical to hold on to and store somewhere.

      hey at least there giving these editions to PC players although after what IW pulled it makes sense why they didnt even make a Hardend edt for PC

    That is awesome! Next year I'm either going to have an insane amount of AAA games, no money and no fiance or small selection of AAA games, no money and an angry wife.

    I'll be VERY surprised if it doesn't end up an EB's exclusive. Either way, I'm grabbing it before it gets Manhunted.

      Just so you know, unless the law itself changes, Aliens vs Predator can no longer be banned in Australia.

      The review board is the end of the road for reviews of classifications. Even if mr attorney general wants a review, by law it can't happen. In many ways sega has now benefited from having to go through this process, as crazy as that sounds.

    I quite like collector's editions - my wallet doesn't, but I like having all the extra bits and pieces. I don't like that often the extra parts aren't of particularly good quality (I almost wish I hadn't got Arkham Asylum CE or SFIV CE) or worth the extra money.

    At least they're not doing the whole "let's get a bunch of cool in-game armour and guns and give one piece to each retailer and not let anyone else get it". Rather annoying that price is becoming a small factor in choosing where to buy a game.

      yeah from what i read on arkham asylum i believed i was getting a die cast batarang not the plastic mould of one

    Eff that! I can't remember too well, but the Facehugger scene in Aliens most likely made me soil myself when I watched it as a kid, judging by the primal fear in evokes in me when I watch it now.

    Having a Facehugger replica in my house would cause me to have a frickin' heart attack everytime I see it.

    Just the game for me.

      i think the reason i like them is because they scare the kaka out of me so much.

    Wow! This is a special edition done right. I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time (i'm a huge fan of everything alien and predator), I had an official day of celebration when I found out it was unbanned in Aus, and so the collector's edition would have been an instant-sell for me.

    It's nice to see that they put in the extra effort, instead of the standard art book + DVD commentary + *shudder* extra in-game content.

    Still, games are much, MUCH too expensive in Aus, i will probably pick this up from CDWOW or play-asia for half the price

    I personally think this game is going to suck ass, Look at some of the developers recent offerings, Rouge warrior and Shellshock: blood trails. Easy worst game of the year contenders.

    Don’t get suckered in my the controversy, I’ll want and see.

      That is a possibility, although I'd prefer to think that they simply had less-skilled divisions of their studio working on those titles. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for this one, as the first two Aliens Vs Predator titles they made were excellent and I've been reading a lot of positive commentary in the previews for this one.

        Yea, I’m just saying that people should not just go out and buy this because it was banned at some point. I’ll wait a few weeks after the game is out to see how it plays for myself. The screenshots do look good I’ll give it that. But I just can’t get over the fact that the developer also has a pretty horrible track record when it comes to FPS games as of late anyway. But who knows, this game could be totally awesome, we will just have to wait and see.

      Stephen: Rebellion only made the FIRST AvP game. I initially thought the same as you did, but then read that Monolith (No One Lives Forever) actually made the second game. This worried me a bit, as while the first game was good, the second was vastly superior.

      Still, i have faith, from what i've seen so far it looks like it will be good

        the second one was mainly better as there was already a basis to build something better on, which is hopefully what will happen with this one yet again :)

        hopefully the team on rogue warrior is not making this game!

          If they had anything to do with the development of this game then all hope is lost.

    I wonder how many people will actually play as the humans.

    Nice preview of this game in Edge this month.

    night vision goggles and face hugger would go good together :P

    LAME, just found out that our special edition has been shafted, the NA edition comes with a collectors edition AvP comic aswell

    You know I'll be putting that Facehugger around my Bust of Soap Mctavish from MW2 prestige edition

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