This Guy Says He's Working On DJ Hero 2

A DJ Hero sequel? Hard to believe, given publisher Activision's fear of sequelising its games, but one man, French DJ David Guetta has recently said that, yes, DJ Hero 2 is on his plate.

Guetta says in a recent report, spotted by Destructoid, that he's "going to work on the No. 2 version" of DJ Hero, having already provided musical mashup contributions to the original.

Look, we all know it's coming, or there would be a few hundred thousand very angry turntable controller owners out there. We're just curious to see how long Activision will continue to Hero in 2010 and which attempts at recreating Guitar Hero's success will get cut.

He's the one to beat; All of a sudden, DJ David Guetta is everywhere [Kelowna via Destructoid]


    It could be that he’s mistaken DJ hero 2 for some upcoming DLC for DJ hero or perhaps some ultimate edition of DJ hero with 50 hew songs or something. It just seems a bit too soon to start thinking about DJ hero 2. Remember when metal band Opeth accidently announced Saints row on PSP in a MySpace blog?, well that game hasn’t been heard of since so who knows.

      This is Activision though, they are as bad as EA when it comes to Sports games... Certainly not surprised that a new game is coming out, probably around the Aug/Sept period...

        I don’t know about that, you don’t become such a successful company like Activision without also having some good business acumen. Activision actually lowered their sales expectations with DJ hero after the entire genre basically underperformed. Regardless of the fact that DJ Hero still did even worse than the revised sales figures, Activision didn’t make a bad game. They need to take a step back and ask themselves why the game failed. Maybe they decided that the market is too crowded, or maybe the music talent just wasn’t there, or maybe the game just didn’t innovate enough.

        I’d like to think that Activision are smart, they should know that the DJ Hero franchise isn’t like Guitar Hero, One more Flop and DJ hero is dead. Surely it would be more profitable to perhaps take their time with the next one and wait 2 years than let the whole series die.

          Activision have made buckets of money from the GH franchise, no doubt about it, but they also missed alot of the money from the start.

          Harmonix and the first 2 Guitar Hero games exploded the genre... Activision swooped in and got the Guitar Hero name... Harmonix were bought by MTV, Activision stayed with the Guitar Hero formula. Harmonix made Rock Band, beat Activision again at moving the genre forward.

          I feel as though Activision wanted to be the first this time around and they picked DJ Hero. The market is certainly different to that of Guitar Hero's and there is apart of me that thinks Activision were too cocky, they thought this is the next step, everyone will eat it up like the previous music games.

          Being a DJ is far more niche though, a Rockstar in a band is far more accessable and works alot better. The Band games have also become a 'party favorite' where a few mates can have a jam and contribute. DJ Hero is really a solo experience.

          Lastly on Activision being cocky, regardless of downturn in sales projections, don't provide a Special Edition of the game with all the extra bells and whistles, making 2 editions doubles your costs and with a brand new franchise try and keep it as cheap as possible, use the GH profits and maybe take a loss on the game to get it established...

          and maybe they have done that, perhaps Activision have told retailers they will get rebates on DJ Hero stock, as everyone is looking to get rid of them, GAME is selling all the Renegade Editions for $99. The game can look to get established now because it's fantastically cheap for a peripherial based game.

    I dislike the idea of providing sequels to games with ever expanding DLC, but I hate the idea of sequels to games that I thought WERE going to have ever expanding DLC. Singstar is the greatest in how it works, not using sequels but DLC and occasionally store bought genre packs.

    The sooner Activision figures this out, the sooner Guitar Hero will be back on top. Though I figure it might be too late...

      There is one good thing about sequels, genenrally they provide more value for money. For example at the moment I believe that a DLC Pack for DJ Hero (2 Songs) sits at just under AU$10. So for the hypothetical $100 game, it gives me 20 Songs, yet the sequel is bound to have at least 50 (minimum).

      I agree that Singstar does some parts better, they have a game engine that is updated via patches and not via a new game disc which is really the best way to go about it. Though I would like at times to not Disc Swap and rather have the retail discs on the HDD. I say at times, because other times I like that it doesn't eat more space from the HDD.

      Feel as though Rock Band have done it best though, every week their DLC generally outnumbers the GH/BH franchise by about 2:1

      Sure they have recently launched LEGO Rock Band also and have started their own single band games (The Beatles & (coming soon) Green Day). There seems to be more effort in these 2 games that Activsion's catalogues (Metallica, Greatest Hits, Van Halen, Band Hero, Smash Hits).

      Even though I don't have the issue anymore, just wish that EA showed us Aussies more love and actually released Rock Band 2 over here. The game is far superior to the Guitar Hero franchise, but it's never going to get a foothold unless they support it more over here.

        Plus Rock Band, Lego Rock Band and Rock Band Green Day are/will be exportable. Something GH only recently brought in and last I heard, not everything is exportable.

        The only truly standalone Rock Band game is the Beatles one, which is a small sacrifice on Harmonix's part to get such an awesome deal for the game.

    Suggestion to makers of DJ Hero: DO NOT REMIX CHART CRAP. Noisia and Daft Punk were good in the first one, but the rest of the songs stopped me from buying it.

    IIRC, DJ Hero tanked pretty bad at retail. Even Activision aren't dumb enough to put out a sequel to a game no-one bought

    I agree, I'd much rather see DLC for existing games released. In my opinion, they should stop milking the GH cow nd release a game biannually instead of every year. It'd make the game that much more polished. Also from an article on IGN; I'd rather have a base library of about 200 songs, and when you first boot up the game you pick 80 or so songs to use as your library. Also from that same article, I'd like to see the rights to music songs sold at the same time. So, if I play a song I like on RB or GH, then I can buy it, download to my iPod, and then listen to it whenever I want. I wouldn't mind a price increase (not much, since songs are still expensive) if this was the case.

    look, david didn't announce anything, he said he WOULD BE working on the second game. he might not be working on it right now.

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