This Is What New Super Mario Bros. Wii In 1080p Looks Like

New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks sharp, but slow, when run on the Dolphin emulator, a piece of software that has offered a similar high-definition look at Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

While the YouTube HD video runs at a snail's pace, the creator of the above video says the Wii game ran at a smooth 60 frames per second on his rig and copy of Dolphin. Place blame on video capture tool Fraps, which makes for a Mario as slow as molasses and the occasional audio-visual glitch.

Wii HD theories may be nothing more than that, but if Nintendo engineers are considering some sort of higher-definition option for future iterations of the console, we super hope it's backwards compatible with at least this particular game.

New Super Mario Bros Wii Dolphin [YouTube via Joystick Division]


    People really need to let go of this whole Wii HD thing...

    It's not happening. Nor does it need to.

    Obviously the next gen console (whenever in the distant future that may be) will have HD.

    I don't get how that will be obvious. Everyone expected it for this one. HD was taking off and they just left it there to die.

    But then again with the quality of games the Wii offers, HD is necessary.

    wth is this cartoon looking mario game?!?!?
    i play new super mario bros wii on my pc in 1080p with full 60fps and it sure isnt as slow as this...
    my pc plays it better than a damn wii.i think cause its a 2d game whiles my pc cannot emulate supermario galaxy as well as the supermario bross...but i still get nostly 60fpos on galxy as well

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