This Week In Video Game Comics

Two big video game comics this week from two big games.

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost #2 (of 6) Written by David Lapham. Drawn by Kevin West. Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment: Sgt. Riley – codenamed "Ghost" – has found himself in many a sticky situation while serving in the S.A.S. But never has a mission fallen apart so fast. On his first Joint Task Force mission, a combination of betrayal and bad luck has landed him in the hands of a blood-thirsty Mexican drug czar. Could things possibly get worse? Absolutely, yes.

The best-selling Call of Duty video game series continues its comics debut in this 6-issue miniseries!

Dante's Inferno #1 (of 12) Written by Christos Gage. Drawn by Diego Latorre. Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment: Based on the upcoming EA video game, this classic epic poem is brought to life as never before, courtesy of writer Christos Gage (WILDCATS, X-Men/Spider-Man) and hot new artist Diego Latorre. Dante Alighieri is re-imagined as a holy warrior who has returned from the Crusades to find his beloved fiancée Beatrice murdered. When her soul is ensnared by Lucifer, only Dante has the strength and courage to break open the gates of hell and save her. But at what cost to his own immortal soul? And is Dante himself pure enough for this impossible task? Find out in this sizzling new 6-issue miniseries!


    Can we add the new TF2 blog update comic to this?
    It was great.

    I don't understand why they decided to do a comic about ghost of all characters. I didn't even notice the guy except for a single line where they mention his name, I honestly couldn't care less who the random other people in my group were. Seems like it would have been more interesting to see what happened to Mactavish in the intervening years. And why on earth he chose that horrible haircut.

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