Time To Examine Famitsu's Top Tier Scoring Trend

Japan's most famous magazine Famitsu has four critics review games on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best. The critics write very brief remarks along with their score. The scores are then tallied up to 40.

Game site Siliconera has looked at "top tier" Famitsu review scores over the past decade - scores between 36 and 40. Scores below are not factored into this chart. It does indicate several trends, including a spike in games getting a "36" as well as games getting a "40".

Make of it what you will.

An Analysis Of Top Tier Famitsu Review Scores This Decade [Siliconera]


    thank you wii.

    Looks like the same trend as western reviews nowadays... games are all judged between 7/10 to 9/10...

    I think this chart shows that given review scores remain static, Famitsu are reviewing more games in 2009 than in 2000

    OR, if the number of reviewed games remain the same, then review scores are increasing.

    Or to put another way, this chart tells us nothing.

      Not true

      The chart tells us how two dinosaurs fight!

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