Tip: If You Steal An Xbox, Don't Play It Online

22 year-old Bronx resident Jeremiah Gilliam must have thought he was pretty smart after allegedly breaking into over two hundred cars and several homes to steal video game consoles, games and other pricey items.

Thing is, Jeremiah Gilliam is not smart.

Having stolen an Xbox 360 during one of his burglaries, Gilliam returned home, plugged the console in and started playing. On Xbox Live.

Around at a friend's house, the boy whose console had been stolen saw that his gamertag was online, and called his parents. Who called the cops. Who called Microsoft. Who traced the IP address to Gilliam's grandmother's house, where police not only found the accused, but "dozens of video games, laptops, and GPS devices".

He's been charged with grand larceny.

Xbox 'thief' is Xbusted [NY Post]


    Honestly, I know I jokingly said we should put 360’s in safes and banks, but now it seems like a good idea.

    Yeah, wasn't there an article about this a few days ago. Kudos to Microsoft and the authorities for tracking him down. And lucky that kid saw his GT online. You've gotta wonder though, this guy must be missing a few brain cells to go online with another person's GT.

    Haha! That story made my day.
    That was hilarious. But why didn't he just make a new account? I would've done that even if I didn't know I could get tracked.

      Because, as the article states, he wasn't smart as he clearly though. :P

    Good ol' Bronx

      This incident can happen anywhere you freaking idiot.It can occur in the heartland of America, such as Kansas or Tennesee. Furthermore, it can occur in America's trailer parks where all ignorant Rednecks reside. Nevertheless,if you know absolutely nothing about the Bronx don't knock it. What's portrayed about the Bronx in movies is fiction.

        You take things way too seriously, lol.

    See Atkinson? Gaming doesn't CAUSE crime...

      Yeah, it CREATES crime... now where's my GTA4 cd

    It's nice to hear stories like this. Satisfies that sense of justice which most of us have.

    Reality is though, that the pool of thieves just became smarter. It's a classic case of Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Those who survive are those who don't get caught. Let's hope that's a small number.

    I am impressed that all these people reacted quickly to this.

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