Today's Games Are Too Complicated For Eminem

Not all rap stars can be video game experts as well. In a recent interview, controversial white rapper Eminem explains that today's games are just too complicated for his old-school tastes.

During an interview with Marc Ecko's Complex magazine in which Mr. Mathers discusses everything from music to internet porn, the subject of video games is broached. Does Eminem play them? Hell yeah. "Yeah, I'm pretty nasty at Donkey Kong, B. You should go check my high-score." The magazine did indeed check out the high scores on the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet the artist keeps in his studio lounge, which read "1st 229,100 M-M." We hope he wasn't cheating this time.

So he can play the old-school games, but what about the newer games? Eminem might have been a featured artist in Activision's DJ Hero, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can play it.

"Yeah, all the old-school games. I can't really fuck with some of the new ones, they're too complicated. I want to run and jump. That's it."

Isn't that all any of us want, Mr. Mathers?

Eminem Interview [Marc Ecko's Complex]


    hes right in a way as some retro style games are fun and more pick up and play able that way, but as if he cant *get* some of them. im not a smart guy but i *get* mgs4.

    he likes his games like his music... repetitive

    yeah selling drugs into the ps3 and slapping bitches on the television doesn't work as advertised

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