Tomb Raider Dev Wants Multiplayer Designers For... Tomb Raider?

Well. Colour me shocked. Crystal Dynamics has put out a help-wanted ad seeking a designer to lead "multiplayer vision and design effort for "one of the most prestigious AAA franchises in the industry." Whatever could that be?

Given that Crystal Dynamics hasn't done much of anything other than Tomb Raider since 2005, and given that Eidos/Square Enix have telegraphed a "reboot" of the Lara Croft franchise, sounds like it's a good bet that's your prestigious AAA franchise. Unless they're referring to Legacy of Kain, of course.

The ad listing mentions multiplayer maps, which indicates competitive online, not just cooperative campaign support. Next Tomb Raider has Multiplayer? [CinemaBlend via Joystiq]


    Who doesnt want to go for some two player with Lara :P

      No more jamming the camera up against the wall. :P

    A multiplayer addition to Tomb Raider could be quite good or very bad. I don't think there could be an in between.

    On the subject of 'rebooting' the TR franchise, I personally don't like the idea of it being revolved around zombies. It's very un-Tomb Raider like. If I wanted zombies, I'll go & get L4D2. I don't think TR would stand a chance against L4D2.

    I Love Lara, I've been there since tomb raider, and tomb raider 2 is still the best in the series in my opinion.
    But after underworld, with the convoluted story lines and bad characters and trying to re-write some of the tomb raider storyline. just no. I't time to let lara die with what little dignity she has left. unless a developer with the prowess of naughty dog picks up the franchise, I fear for its future.

    IMO tomb raider was never AAA...

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