Tony Hawk Ride Grinds Up 114,000 In Sales

Activision and Robomodo's peripheral-based reboot of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise had what may be considered a disappointing first month on the market, selling 114,000 units in November, according to the NPD Group.

GameSpot reports that the majority of those sales were to Wii gamers, with 67,000 copies of Tony Hawk Ride and the accompanying skateboard sold to the peripheral comfortable Nintendo fan base. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers snapped up the rest, with the 360 version outselling the PS3 version almost two-to-one.

That's potentially disappointing for Activision, which went back to the drawing board after the previous entry in the series Tony Hawk's Proving Ground saw middling reviews and hefty competition from EA's Skate. Metacritics scores aside, Proving Ground at least went on to sell more than a million units across the five platforms it was released on.

Tony Hawk may be proud of Ride, but it appears that video game consumers may have a harder time feeling the same way about purchasing it.

Under 114,000 ride Tony Hawk in November [GameSpot]


    If that photo is an indication of the responsiveness of the board it may be why people aren't buying it.

    The kid is doing what looks to be a 5-0 grind on the board, yet the character on screen is doing a nosegrind????

    If your doing PR photos at least get it right!

    Holy crap Adam your right. that photo sums up everything

    i wonder if Activision will even bother releasing it here now

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