Top Models Game In The Buff, Too

Sure, you can get pictures of Warcraft. And sure, you can get nekkid pictures of Adrienne Curry. But now, through the magic of Twitter, you can get both in one picture.

Who knows why Curry, the first winner of America's Next Top Model, chose to share this, but she did over Twitter last night. Lots of people game in the buff, but not many of them look like her, so I'm stamping news on this one. Oh, shut up, not everything has to be Investor's Business Daily around here.

Is she really playing though? In that pose, she must be using her feet on the mouse and the keyboard.

Love this comment from her Twitpic page: "You are a nerd's wet dream." One of them, anyway, and I'm sure a goodly number don't even involve girls.

me ... naked ... playing World of Warcraft ; ) [Adrianne Curry on Twitpic, via HBG]



    No nipples, no care.

      to paraphrase; tits or GTFO


    “You are a nerd’s wet dream.”

    people fail to realize that a nerd's wet dream would more likely be some kind of star trek/star wars crossover.

    Looks like reality TV doesn't pay for models either.

    I don't know who it even is, but it's a bit of fail if you can't even spell the person's name right in a tiny news article...

    Adrianne Curry

      as if this article has anything to do with her name

      yeah who is she i dont watch reality shows and even if i did never America’s Next Top Model

    "Who knows why Curry, ... chose to share this"

    Um, well it's free publicity and twitter hits.

    Oh, and likely many disappointed nerds when they discover there's no more to be seen below what you've shown.

      She's obviously trying to promote the wow guild that she is in

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