Torchlight Goes On Sale, Gets New Stuff

Runic's quietly amazing Torchlight is due for a bumper few days this weekend, Valve announcing today that the game's in line for some post-release improvements.

First up, "over 60" Steam achievements are being retro-fitted to the title. Next up, it's being made compatible with Steam Cloud, meaning you can move your settings and save games between computers (handy, since Torchlight runs so well on laptops).

And finally, the game's going on sale this weekend. It'll cost you $US10. That, kids, is a steal.


    Sorry as much as I wanted to get sucked in by Torchlight, I just couldnt. Diablo 3 it is for me.

      Well you are really missing out.

      trust me, its safe to say that you could buy this game, play it all the way through, with multiple characters, get absolutely everything out of it, then grow to old age before Diablo III comes out...

    At $20 I was able to resist as I've bought a few full price (well steam priced anyway) games lately, but at $10 seems too good to pass up. Time to boot up that demo that's been sitting there.

    Torchlight was amazing. if you even remotly like diablo you should buy torchlight and not think twice

    umm..whats so great about 60+ steam achievements? seriously achievements are nothing to get work up over as they server nothing but epeen stroking.
    Not only that but most games dont even give a reward for getting them ( WoW is the only exception and even then its only fluff)

    the other thing is that most of the time, these so called achievements are really achievement ie complete chapter X whoopdee doo.

    havent you heard its all about the Epeen

    achievements normally = we decided to sell our game based on the fact you can get x amount of gamer points in 30 minutes

    youll love it

    $10 is the sale I have been waiting for, giddy up!

    That is the rest of my weekend sorted!!

    People should buy this game, its a boat load of fun and cheap too. Best $10 I've spent since Defense Grid.

    Okay, I just bought this and spent about 24 of the last 48 hours playing it 0.0

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