Try On Gaijin's Wings Of Prey

Gaijin Entertainment let fly its new World War II combat flight sim Wings of Prey on Christmas Day, and now there's a downloadable demo for those of you pondering dusting off the old flight stick.

Wings of Prey is a pretty robust PC combat sim, with more than 50 missions, 40 planes and extensive online multiplayer set across six different theatres - The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Ardennes, Berlin, Sicily and Korsun. Gaijin released a 1.46GB today, giving players a small taste of the game's tutorial and a couple missions above the skies of London. You can snag the demo by clicking on some text within this post, or visit the game's official website for the latest trailers, screenshots and wallpapers.


    it looks great, I hope the texture resolution is fairly massive .. I love these kind of games!!! despite looking familiar ... I cant wait to shoot machineguns at night flight!

    This is a touch off the topic of the game, but I think it's curious - Gaijin is actually a Japanese word meaning "foreigner", but it has traditionally carried racist overtones, leading it to sometimes be translated as "foreign devil", or "white devil". Since they're an Atlanta based studio, I presume they're not implying the racist meaning, but what are they going for? Are they 'taking the term back', like the gay community did with the word "queer", or the American black community did with the N-word?

    Or did they just hear the word a lot on a trip to Japan, thought it sounded cool and used it, blissfully unaware of its definition?

      Yeah, sounds like they were "lol it's a cool japanese word let's use it!".

      For those that don't understand, 外国人 (gaikokujin) literally means "outside country person", or foreigner. The slang 外人 therefore is "outside person", which obviously can have a very negative connotation to it. It's rude to use it in any sort of formal situation (eg reading the news they'll always use the full word), but for some reason non-Japanese have taken it on as some sort of badge of pride (sometimes out of dark humour, but usually more because they're "OMG ITS JAPAN SO KAWAIII!!!11 wapanese).

      tldr; Could you imagine a Japanese studio called "foreigner entertainment"?!?

    It's the PC version of IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

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