Try Out Team Fortress 2's Bots

Valve have quietly been tinkering under Team Fortess 2's hood for some time now, and today would like you to try and help them test something out: officially-sanctioned, AI-controlled "bots".

It's to be noted that these guys are in the early stages of development, so don't expecting them to go pushing carts or pulling off rocket jumps just yet. What they can do, however, is play a little King of the Hill, so if you'd like to see what it's like playing Team Fortress 2 with no friends, follow the steps below:

- To add bots to your game, use the console command tf_bot_add. This will drop a random bot onto a random team (assuming there is a free player slot). The tf_bot_add command can also take up to three optional arguments: , , and , in any order. For example, tf_bot_add 10 will add 10 random bots to the game with auto-assigned teams. Typing tf_bot_add pyro blue will add a Pyro to the blue team. Entering tf_bot_add red 5 will add 5 random bots to the red team. The command tf_bot_add red 3 heavyweapons will add three heavies to the red team.

- In order to put specific bots on specific teams (for a bots-vs-humans game, for example), you may want to disable automatic team balancing. To do this, enter mp_autoteambalance 0 followed by mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0.

- To remove a bot, use the console command kick . To remove all of the bots in the game, use the command tf_bot_kick all.

And that's it! Just make sure you've got some player slots left open for the bots, as they need to occupy them to enter the game.

Hit the link below for more detailed info.

Erectin a dispenser [Valve]


    Interesting, the CS:S bots were pretty good, it'd be cool if they could get these TF2 bots running with AI unique to each class.

    I have a personal liking to having bots in every first person multiplayer shooter available. Even if they suck bad, but not too bad, at least a player can get experience by playing around with them.

    I hope the Team Fortress 2 bots come out of 'beta' or whatever you'd want to call it and become available for every game mode.

    Very nice. I used to have some bots running in the background of the start menu, but having proper Valve bots will be very cool. Can't wait to give them a shot.

    Just one thing, the updates say nothing about turning the AI on and off. Are we still able to create bots without AI and set up remote control?

    wonder if they will make the ai smart enough to fall for and play at mindgames liek real players do

      I wonder if Pyro bots will randomly spy check everyone they walk past!

    Great feature, however I won't use it. I'll stick to playing with real people; it spices up the gameplay sand makes it feel more interactive.

    Reminds me of the good old PoD Bot days of CS 1.5.

    They should be tinkering with the l4d2 bots, they don't really like to save you just walk backwards towards you and stare blankly at each other, though as I always said with Valve, you can't stop the greatness only delay it.

    It is in fact not only King of the Hill mode which has bots, but also Arena and Capture Point Maps! Simply follow these instructions to use bots on any map:

    You only need to do this once:
    Create a server in single player with the map you want.
    Open the console with the ` or ~ key. (You may need to enable "Toggle developer console" in options/controls/advanced)
    Type "sv_cheats 1" and press Enter.
    Type "nav_generate" and press Enter.
    Type "sv_cheats 0" and press Enter.
    When the process finishes, the map will restart. This will generate bot routes in the map.

    Do this every time you want bots:
    Create a server in single player with a map you've generated a navigation mesh for.
    Join a team.
    Open the console.
    Type "tf_bot_add 9". Four bots will be put into your team and five into the enemy team.

    These bots will only work in CP, KOTH or Arena maps, but now you can generate your own paths for custom maps too!
    (from someone on the Steam forums)

    Every multiplayer fps should have bots. Give new players a chance to learn the basics offline.

    I played around with them for a bit, and for the most part the AI seems pretty good. They generally co-ordinated themselves nicely. Medics would support heavies, demomen used stickies to strategically block certain entrance points, engineers generally found good spots to place sentries, and snipers would hang back in the distance and pick you off if you allowed yourself to be caught in the open. I even found that if I went as a spy, the AI for the most part would act much like a human player would, watching me wearily if they saw me moving towards them and shooting if I got too close or if they saw me cloaking/uncloaking.

    That said I did notice some niggling flaws while I was playing. At point an engineer on my team had a fully upgraded sentry set up directly behind a couple of boxes so it was unable to cover the point that otherwise would have been in plain sight (this was on sawmill). Trying to deal with enemy pyros as a soldier was a real pain too, even at close range they were easily able to deflect almost every single rocket I fired with the kind of reflexes I'd only expect from an AI.

    Overall though the AI is solid, especially when you consider that each class behaved in a manner fitting of them. It'll be better once they've got the soldiers rocket jumping and some spies running around backstabbing you (though the spy strikes me as the single hardest AI to program).

    Hooray, I was late to the TF2 party, now I can practice without getting too deaded...

    as long as they can't try to heal you Valve

    i wonder if the bots will be intellegent enough to vote to boot me from a game for sucking so much.

    Failing that i wonder if they'll at least be able to call me a 'n00b' and make lewd comments about my mother. At the very least they should suggest various animals i may have sexual relations with...

    Hmmm, saying that they use the same AI from L4D is more of a con than a pro, considering the survivor bots actually got WORSE in the transition from L4D to L4D2. Anyone who has played both games will tell you this, but if you don't belive me:

    I remember perfect dark. That game had all the modes a FSP needed. Anti-Co-op, Co-op, and especially, lots of bots with personalities :)

      I remember playing perfect dark for hours. they were some good bots, I wonder how they would stand up today.

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