Two Dozen New Screens For A Sports Game Even Sports Gamers Won't Buy

Hey, in just a couple of months the Olympics are back - in North America, because we can't go more than eight years without hosting one - and there'll be a video game accompanying it. Get your screenshots here!

I see a notable lack of Americans in these shots for Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame Of The Winter Olympic Games. (There's even a Great British bobsled bobsleigh! WTF!) Probably this is because these are bona fide alpine events and the U.S. has to invent a bunch of toe-touching contests on ice to bring home any medals. And I don't see any figure skating either, probably because the developers were charged with making a sports title and not We Cheer 3.

Peter Jackson's Vancouver 2010: The Official Game of James Cameron's Winter Olympic Games or whatever, published by Sega, is due out before opening ceremonies on Feb. 12. Wake me when they produce Vinko Bogataj's Agony of Defeat 2010.


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