Two New Mass Effect 2 Trailers: Assassin And Savage

Mass Effect 2 trailers! (*fires shotgun*) Mass Effect 2 trailers here! (*fires shotgun*) Get your Mass Effect 2 trailers! Who's ready? (*fires shotgun*) Mass Effect 2 trailers!

Meet your new teammates: Thane, the assassin, and Grunt, the Krogan, uh, savage, in these two videos released today. Mass Effect 2 is out in less than 30 days.


    Bowling! Get your bowling! Bowling right here! Bowling! Get your bowling!

    I recognize a Simpsons reference from a mile away.

    Anyway, every Mass Effect 2 trailer ever released - awesomeness. In a can.

      I didn't get the simpsons reference, might have made it easier to get if there was A BIG F—KING PICTURE OF HOMER SIMPSON SHOOTING A SHOTGUN. Unfortunately we're not all experts like you.

      Ah, I was wondering which episode that was from.

    Hahaha, I love the Simpsons reference in the post. Also the trailer's aren't bad, but I'm more interested in things gameplay-wise.

    interesting trailers, would be more interested in new squadmates though.

    Well spotted Ben, I didn't get the reference at first.

    I'll take anything related to ME2 at this point. The new trailers look pretty good, but I'd agree with Thomas - new squadmates would be very cool. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer - just under a month now?

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