Two Worlds II Is Too Good For Mundane Screenshots

Sure, Two Worlds II developer Reality Pump Studios will still release new normal screen shots, but they can be faked. Movies, on the other hand...

...can still be faked. Along with these four new screens for Two Worlds II, Reality Pump has released a series of "MoveShots" at its website. "MoveShots" are tiny little videos that show the game in motion, which according to a press release will take care of any worries fans might have about fake screenshots.

"These, so-called, MoveShots serve as a very vivid forecast into the Antaloor universe featured in "Two Worlds II" as well as dispelling any rumours about the possibility of doctored screen shots, which, unfortunately, are all too common throughout the modern day videogame industry."

Hit up the game's website to check out the MoveShots for yourself. They're just like tiny movies, only...exactly like tiny movies.


    I’ll wait and see, the original Two worlds looked awesome in screenshots but as soon as you started playing the entire game fell apart, it was just another meat and potatoes RPG game. That’s pretty much the same way you have to look at most games, it’s easy to make a game look good these days.

      Agreed. Halo 3: ODST comes to mind. Bungie had us anticipating it for months with the info, dev diaries, ViDocs and other stuff, and since Bungie's got rabid fanboys, they soaked it all up. But launch day rolled around, pop the disc in, six hours after completing the campaign left me and many others feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. Maybe if they'd added a PvP option or even Matchmaking to Firefight, it would have been a bigger success. It gave me my Halo fix in anticipation for Reach (which I'll be more cautious in rushing out to buy this time), but it still was a disappointing effort.

      Getting back on track, you're right, it's far too easy to make a game look good and neglect the gameplay.

        I'm about 101% sure and bet everything i own, on the fact that Bungie had stated the whole time, ODST wasn't a new game itself. They said it was an expansion, then retracted that comment but ALWAYS stated it was never as long as the Halo 3 Campaign (which had people whinging about the length too).

        It's understanding for those who don't follow gaming that often and just like Halo and buy it when it comes out - but judging on the fact that you comment on Kotaku, you would have known how long ODST roughly went for and all other features of the game, no matter how small they were.

    Not holding my breathe for this one, although the first one was enjoyable enough, it could have been so much more.

    Been waiting for this since it was originally announced as an expansion to the original. I love 2 Worlds so much, such an awesome game...

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