Ubisoft Want To Make...A JRPG?

While some Western companies are down on the future prospects of the Japanese role-playing game, others - like Ubisoft - can't wait to get a piece of the action.

Speaking with Famitsu, Ubisoft's Alain Corre has revealed that as part of the company's push into the Japanese market, they'd one day like to release a JRPG.

"We have never made any RPGs, a genre Japanese people love," he told the magazine. "We've made shooters, strategy, sports, action, and adventure games, but not any RPGs yet. Still, we're open to all possibilities. If we can get a quality team of RPG-oriented developers, I'd love to release one. If we have a chance to work with Japanese creators, then I'm sure we can make a game that appeals to the Japanese audience."

Sounds ridiculous, but then... imagine some of Ubisoft's franchises turned into RPGs. And I'm not talking Splinter Cell. I'm thinking more... Beyond Good & Evil.

Ubisoft Hints at Japan Marketplace Push [Famitsu, via 1UP]


    I love it, everyone knows pretty much exactly what to expect when it comes to a squaresoft game, phoenix downs, a guy named cid, a less than subtle political subtext. At least we can look forward to something different.

    I can picture it now, Far Cry 3: RPG edition.

    This should be really good. Almost everything ubisoft touches turns into pure gold with some new feature or gimmick which makes me foam at the mouth. I don't think they will have much trouble making the game either seeing how much experience they have gotten in every other genre.

    Wonder who the japanese developer they'll be working with will be...

    I normally dislike the length of JRPGs, but a Ubisoft one could be very interesting. Ubisoft always adds something unique to the dynamics of unexplored-to-them genres, so this could be amazing.

    Rabbitd the RPG!
    A rabbid from a small town dawns on an epic quest wielding a plunger in his hand he goes on an epic quest to rid the world of pants!.

    I'd buy it

    I love most anything Ubisoft do, and have complete faith that the may be able to pull something massive off here.

    Mind you it probably won't appeal to a massive market, but with so many variations of RPG's being taken up recently Ubi have alot the can take influence from and cobble something great together.

    Just as long as we don't expect something revolutionary from them... although it would be nice :P

    Personally i'd love to see something based around times of assassins creed or prince of persia

    Oh dear... This will be exactly like the current state which the Xbox 360 is in, if Ubisoft are having a go at this.

    Hello! Japanese folks are xenophobes!!

    Ubisoft should instead concentrate on where the market is... why not make traditional RPGs for the western market instead.

    Hell, it's like trying to tell a sushi master how to make sushi.

    Lol, I'd love to see a Rainbow Six RPG.

    Level Up! Kill Terrorists! Use a dynamic RPG system to make your mark of the world of counter-terrorism!

    Still, I'd like to see a Ubisoft-made RPG. They're not a bad developer. I'd like to see them in a new direction, so I'd say for them to give it a shot.

      Or yeah Splinter Cell RPG.
      "Hello [playername] can you help me? Snap the necks of 5 [Nasty Terrorists] and I'll give you these [Blue Nightvision Goggles] as a reward!"

      Oh wait that would be an MMO.

    I know it seems obvious... but how can they make a JRPG when Ubisoft are French?

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