UFC Undisputed 2010 To Debut At VGA Awards

THQ's acclaimed UFC 2009 Undisputed is up for a Video Game Award, which makes Spike's broadcast this Saturday the perfect time to debut the mixed martial arts title's highly anticipated sequel.

The awards show will feature the first ever gameplay footage of the UFC Undisputed 2010, plus commentary from top UFC fighters. A news release from THQ says "the footage will be introduced through a special UFC guest appearance." I just hope it's not a scripted bout with whomever's presenting.

Following is a teaser trailer that went up earlier today; it doesn't give up much of anything to expect in UFC Undisputed 2010.


    I second that, i'm not really expecting anything too different except the graphics to be improved and more fighters. I also hope they fix the online so when crybabies get beat then quit, you still get the win.

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