Ugly Movie Spawns Ugly Box Art

Put Johnny Depp in a silly hat, slather some makeup on him, add a couple of deformed tiny people, and you've got another one of my childhood memories ruined forever, and some hideous box art to boot.

First Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now this. I don't know if Tim Burton needs to find some new actors who will put up with him, or if he just needs to leave my childhood alone completely. Batman was great and The Nightmare Before Christmas is still a classic. Hell, I even enjoy Edward Scissorhands, as it hearkens back to a time when Johnny Depp's face and ridiculous makeup were just getting to know each other. Now it's just getting old and tired.

You know what I'd like? A game or movie called Alice in Wonderland where the posters and box art have ALICE on the cover. I'm going to stop before my head explodes.


    "Batman was great"? The hell man, that movie series was a travesty. Pretty much all of Burton's input for Nightmare Before Christmas was writing the poem it was based on. Burton is so very overrated. Big Fish was awesome, stop trying to be dark and kooky.

    I think the only reason Tim Burton actually still gets work as a director is because he seriously has the entire Emo/Goth kids crowd in his pocket. As soon as they see pale skin and eye liner it’s the greatest movie they ever saw, but I’ve seen his films and its nothing special, he certainly doesn’t deserve the praise he gets. What sucks really bad is since Burton got popular now he’s just remaking classic movies.

    Is nothing sacred?, he ruined wonka and now thing. Stop making movies .

    Well, he makes the money, and in the corporate world, I suppose that's all that counts. =/

    "A game or movie called Alice in Wonderland where the posters and box art have ALICE on the cover"

    Yeah, American McGee has you covered there, y'know?

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