Unreal Engine 3 Running On A Third-Gen iPod Touch

A writer from AnandTech got a look at Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 working on the newest iPod Touch. It's an impressive feat even if there are some asterisks.

The Unreal Engine 3 will only run on third-generation iPod Touches and the iPhone 3GS, and the demo being shown is not a fully-operable game, just a stripped-down version of Unreal Tournament.

Some elaboration from AnandTech from their meeting with Epic Games V.P. Mark Rein:

Epic isn't announcing any sort of iPhone engine licenses nor are they entering the iPhone game market. Porting UE3 to the iPhone is simply one of many projects being worked on inside a newer, more svelte and innovative Epic Games (wait till you see what's next...)... Mark said they planned to make this available to licensees at some point in the near future.

And here's a thought experiment: How about a recent Epic hit ported to the iPhone?

...eventually it wouldn't be too far fetched to see a full port of Gears of War to something as small as an iPhone. NAND Flash capacities to support multiple 9GB games will be there in another few years, as will GPU horsepower.

According to the site, Rein said that Unreal Engine 3 support will be announced for "another mobile platform" at next month's CES, the biggest tech show of the year.

Epic Demonstrates Unreal Engine 3 for the iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS [AnandTech]


    If this isn't a fake like that Nintendo 64 emulator, this is actually pretty fantastic. Another world of possibilities could be opened up to people who are skilled in the Unreal Engine in the future. Could anybody actually imagine Unreal Tournament iPhone?

    That would be cool.

    I don't think this is fake. The iPhone always amazes me with the graphics it can pump out of its tiny little body. Some of the 3D games have better graphics than the PSP. While graphics aren't important it will definately help the iPhone and iPod touch sell and maybe get more games developers creating higher quality content for it.

    Doesn't change the fact that it's horrible to play FPS on iPhones because of the controls.

    Sure you can run the engine, but that doesnt mean you can run high quality graphics. An engine is just a bunch of interconnected systems for running games, in that respect this is no more impressive than unity or any other engine running on the iPhone.

    As for a Gears of War style game, yeah that will be great /sarcasm. That amount of graphical power will suck a battery down in about an hour.

    the iphone 3GS/3rd gen Touch are using the ARM cortex-A8 which is also in the new nokia N900, not sure about the GPU's, thou i think they'd be similar.

    the promising thing is the unreal engine can create all sorts of 3D games not just FPS, from what i have read anyway.

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