Vagrant Story Dated For (PAL) PlayStation Store Release

Last month, we received the uplifting news that Square's classic Vagrant Story was on its way to the PAL PlayStation Store. Thing is, back then, it didn't have a release date. It does now!

And that date is Tuesday, December 22, which we guess must also be the day Europe's PlayStation Store is update next week (it normally takes place on a Friday, but next Friday is Christmas day). As for price, it'll sell for €6 (USD$8.50), which really, is a steal.

Still no word on an American release, but seeing as Australia's store is tied to the European outlet, this may not bother me as much as it will bother some of you.


    'but seeing as Australia’s store is tied to the European outlet'.

    I don't think that's right. Is it?

      No, that's right, it's managed by SCEE.

      I'm really happy that this is coming so soon. I never played it in the PS1 days so I'm looking forward to it :)

    I absolutely loved this game on the PS1. I heard the team the made it got broken up/sacked/whatever because it didn't meet some internal "every Square game must sell 1 million+ copies" benchmark though...

      Really? I thought the same team went on and made FFTactics, FFT:A & FF12...

      Really? How it didn't sell 1 million copies is beyond me. I just purchased mine for $55 in mint condition, second hand, just a month or so ago. Best. Money. Spent. Ever.

    Sweet! This is one of those classic games I have never managed get my hands on (for a reasonable price.)

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