VGAs Promise 'Biggest Surprise Premiere' In First Five Minutes Tonight

Geoff Keighley's stoking buzz for tonight's Video Game Awards on Spike (8 p.m. U.S. Eastern). Since we already know of Halo: Reach, the new Medal of Honor and others, it sounds like a total wildcard will open the show.

"Do not miss the first five minutes of the VGAs for our biggest surprise premiere in VGA history!" Keighley Tweeted about four hours ago. Granted, that "history" goes waaaaaay back to 2003. But given Destructoid's talk with Keighley yesterday it sounds like he's talking about some full-bore NDA-signing shit here that no one can even hint at until the show.

So, let's get to guessin'. I've got no idea myself. If it's a bona fide bombshell we are probably not talking about a new IP, and racking my brain, I'm not sure what unannounced, unknown, undated, unrumoured sequel is out there that could get people out of their seats. But I'm ready to be surprised.

Geoff Keighley on Twitter [site]


    It's Left 4 Dead 3 coming out :|

    Splinter Cell Conviction or Battlefield Bad Company 2 are my guesses.

    didnt both splinter cell and battlefield 1942 come out in 2003?

      then again, thats not exactly a premiere as we've seen trailers of both.


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