Wait — New Game Plus Is In Mass Effect 2?

Although a Mass Effect 2 designer said back in June there would be "no new game plus" - a second playthrough with abilities and items earned from the first - BioWare's community coordinator has said rather definitively there will be.

On Thursday, BioWare's Chris Priestly wrote the following:

If players start a New Game + after beating the game they will be able to re-use the same character import file they did for their first playthrough. Yes New Game + is making a return to Mass Effect 2!

But on June 27, Preston Watamaniuk, the lead designer for the original Mass Effect, said "New Game Plus" was too problematic to be included:

The reason is progression. We have been working very hard to make sure we design the abilities system to offer smooth progression into ME3 from ME2. Allowing double progression on characters makes that almost impossible. We replaced that feature with playing after you were done because it preserves progression and allows for smoother downloading of PRC.

This is hard to reconcile having not played Mass Effect 2, of course, and myself having not completed the original (I've also not finished Catch-22, The Great Gatsby and other significant works of literature. It happens, you know.) Watamaniuk's statement did not preclude "playing after you were done," but that is a completely different thing. I'd be inclined to say Priestly misspoke, but he clearly says "New Game + is making a return to Mass Effect 2." I've reached out to him for a clarification.

Let's not minimise the info contained in the rest of Priestly's post, which discusses how characters imported from the first Mass Effect will work in the sequel. Priestly reminds that the import will "carry over all your decisions and plot decisions from ME1 into ME2." That means the story path you face in Mass Effect 2 will conform to what you did in the first game. "We don't want to list everything out and spoil the surprises we have in store for you, but rest assured you will be pleased when you see just how much carries over into Mass Effect 2," he writes.

From a gameplay standpoint, while you won't be playing at the same level as you finished Mass Effect 1, you will see perks and bonuses commensurate with where you finished the first game. "Ex, if you finished ME1 as a level 35 character, you will receive a bonus, but if you finished ME1 as a level 50 character, your bonus will be larger. That being said these bonuses will not put new playthrough characters at a severe disadvantage."

Saved Games, Importing Information, Bonuses and New Game + [Mass Effect Forums]


    New Game + in any well-designed game is a good idea - it always creates a few more hours of great game play, especially in the original Mass Effect.

      I would agree. Especially in Prototype as it let me not give a damn about collecting the orbs and getting all the upgrades as I could just go at my own pace and then start over again with my new abilties. I liked Borderlands' system where they would level up weapons and enemies accordingly depending on what playthrough you were in. That coupled with Borderlands' somewhat flawed randomization system still left the game feeling fresh to me. I hope ME2's New Game + is as good as ME's one.

    I've always liked the new game + idea. It's nice to have something like that adding more hours to a game.

    Mass effect was one of those games that actually demanded multiple playthroughs. If nothing else then just to see the different ways things could have turned out. I think Mass effect 2 wouldn’t have lost any replay value had it not had a new game plus because it’s just one of those games you’re edging to start again. Dragon Age origins had no new game + feature and I’ve finished it 3 times already.

    But yea new game + is a feature they don’t do enough in my opinion, I still remember the first game I ever played that used it, Chrono Trigger.

    This makes me very happy. Mass Effect needs to have New Game +. I finished Mass Effect and pretty much immediately started the game again because I wanted to see all the things I'd missed. If I'd had to start again as a new character, having lost all my items, I doubt I would have bothered.
    I've finished ME 3 times now, all with the same character (Hey, I wanted the achievements), and I was disappointed that this feature was going to be removed from ME2.

    It's not just about trying to draw more hours out of the game, but if not for NG+, a lot of things wouldn't be seen by the majority of players (certainly me). When you get engrossed in a story, it's hard to stop pursuing it to go and do fetch quests or "kill this" quests on far off planets. I'd much rather do bits and pieces but then know I can play through again to do everything if I like, rather than having to do every single quest for fear I'll have to start all over again.

      Yep, especially how ME included specific achievements for using NG+. It gave you even more reason to replay the game, and I know some of my friends who didn't even care about achievements went back and found it a nice reward.

    new game+ is always a plus i mean after i level a char i dont wanna go back to the terribad starting char

    It sounds like he's saying you can play the game through again with the same save game file you -imported- to make your ME2 character. So it would just be like starting all over again...

    Chrono Trigger introduced me to New Game +. It is one of my favourite features in games.

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