War Never Looked So Shiny

We've established that the upcoming Toy Soldiers for Xbox Live Arcade has things in common with the old PC game, Army Men. Mostly the part where you're playing with plastic soldiers. But were Army Men ever this shiny?

These gameplay trailers give you a good look at just how glossy the plastic soldiers are on the battlefield. It definitely helps remind you that these are supposedly toys instead of real people you're blowing up. You know, in case you missed the giant toy box in the hazy background.

The thing I like is where you can sometimes see a child's bedroom in the background. I wonder why it's not like that all the time - like in levels where there's an actual sky instead. No chance in hell my parents would ever let me take a bunch of toy soldiers outsides; I'd lose 'em faster than you could blink.


    This looks crazy fun... any ideas if theres 4 Player local or more online?

    Ah, I remember Army Men, that was a great game =3 This looks good, assuming it's a straight forward shooter, as opposed to more strategy based... hopefully you can build your own maps... well they are toys, anyway...

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