Watch The Fate/stay Night Movie Trailer"

Fate/stay night? It's an incredibly popular visual novel from Japanese developer Type Moon that has been spun off into manga, anime and even a fighting game, Fate/unlimited Codes, published by Capcom. It is also getting an animated feature this January.

Dubbed Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade works, the feature features the cast and crew of the anime TV show as well as the voice actors. The movie is getting a January 23, 2010 release at 11 theatres across Japan. A 50 second trailer is streaming in the line below. Check it out.

Unlimited Blade Works [Official Site via Anime News Network]


    I don't get it, what does this have to do with gaming? How come there's so much news here about Japanese culture? Let it go dude, we're in the West. We don't care.

      you might not, but a lot of other people do. And there is no real harm in posting stuff like this. If it doesn't interest you, just don't read it.

      Well the orignial fate/ stay ngiht was a game (of sorts), so any spin of is game news.

      A lot of us do care, however I have to agree that we don't come to Kotaku for anime news, we go to dedicated sites for that

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