What A Day, What A Year

Christmas is a big production, but they don't roll credits at the end of it. Still, with the home a wasteland of gift wrap and packaging, and the light slowly receding outside, it's a good moment to reflect on 2009.

This past week Kotaku recapped the year that was in video games, on subjects both naughty and nice. And before we know it, seven days will have passed, and we'll all begin working on another 365-chapter story of video games, how they're made, and who plays them.

For now, we invite you to revisit these retrospectives. And we thank you for choosing to spend a part of this holiday with Kotaku. From all of us, happy holidays, and a very merry Christmas to you.

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    Every year in the gaming industry is a packed year, why was 2009 any different from them?

    Goodnight 2009, hello 2010.

    I'm going back to bed.

      It could be I'm just forgetting too much of previous years, but the number of quality games seemed to be a bit higher than before.

      I'll probably say the same in 2010, so either we're on an upward trend or I can't recall longer than 12 months :D

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Kotaku! Looking forward to next year, hope it'll top this one, especially with so many sequels and great games coming out next year. Can't wait.

    So many great games I haven't had a chance to play, and so many more I'll miss when the next university term comes around.

    My game of the year would have to be... Arkham Asylum. But considering it was pretty much the only big new release this year that I've gotten my hands on it doesn't have a lot competing with it. ;)

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