What Are You Playing This Weekend

assassin's creed sweepI haven't got in much gaming during the week, so there's plenty to catch up on this weekend. The plan is to finish Assassin's Creed II first.

I'm nearing the end of ACII and I'm still loving it as much - if not more - as I did at the start. That slow beginning has come in for some criticism, with that naysayers feeling it took too long to get to the killing and that no game should still be introducing elements via tutorial five or six hours in. I couldn't disagree more.

The slow opening hours are vital in painting the character of Ezio as someone we can actually care about and understand his place in society, unlike Altair from the first game. The story charts his growth as a man, from carrying Da Vinci's boxes back home to soaring above Venice on the wings of Leo's flying machine. Perhaps the tutorials were overplayed, but I appreciated how well every side missions and collectable was given context within the world, even if at times I'd have preferred to have been able to discover some things for myself.

I've also got Avatar here, which I'm curious about. Is it just a run-of-the-mill shooter? Or does it have the adventure and exploration elements, so ideally suited to the gorgeous alien planet they've created, that I am hoping for?

I plan to play some more of the Bayonetta and Darksiders review code I have here. And also have a quick playthrough of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles - though I won't be using the packed in Wii Zapper, I'll be using the far cooler hand cannons I got in the House of the Dead: Overkill Bang Bang Box.

How about you?


    Late to the party but I just got a copy of Fallout 3 GOTY edition for my birthday. Also scored a copy of Yakuza 2 so I'll be playing those between finishing my second run of Dragon Age and finishing of the first Yakuza.

    I agree entirely with your comments about AC2s pace and I look forward to finishing it again (or more) these Christmas holidays.
    As for this weekend
    Bad Company 2
    Prince of Persia
    Burnout Paradise

    hehe most of us will probably hate you about now, you get some really awesome games.

    For me its just Torchlight which I got yesterday, as in bought my registration key.
    Totally awesome game.
    I have heaps of games here to play, both old and newish, but for this weekend its all about Torchlight.

    Then when my new ASUS MS246H Monitor arrives next week, I will definitely be playing it again, in fact this Diamond will keep me busy till New Years.
    In fact, if i was still Game Reviewing I would give it a 9.8/10.


    AC2, 9 scrolls left until final mission
    Battlefield 2 Bad company 2
    Team fortress 2, the war update! (DEMO MAN MUST WIN)

    Just finished AC2 a couple days ago (well almost, gotta get those wretched feathers so I can get the cape Auditore and the last few achievements). This weekend I will be playing some Borderlands and working my way through the rest of the set lists in Lego Rock Band. Oh and I just started my first play through of Dragon Age last night. My weekend is packed full of gaming goodness! Thankfully my fionce is a gamer and will be joining me on a tour of Pandora :)

    Enchantment! I mean... Dragon Age.

      Sandal = Awesome!

    I'm trying to catch up on games that I haven't gotten around to beating. So something like Arkham Asylum or The Force Unleashed is probably going to be at the top of my list.

    Then again, I have just started a second playthrough of Mass Effect and there are some Spec Ops missions in COD4+2 I need to beat. . .

    Decisions, decisions. . .

    cod4 =)

    Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena
    Mirror's Edge
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Dragon Age (3rd playthrough)

    All on pc. :D

    I guess I should play something, maybe go back and finish Brutal Legend... Polished off AC2 last weekend.

    The real Demon's Souls begins now.

    Just downloaded Pixel Junk Shooter yesterday and it's awesome, so I'm going to get stuck into that.

    TF2 (carn the Demos)
    Maybe even a little Rock Band!

    Playing through Men of War via Steam. Must admit it's actually a pretty good (and brutal) RTS.

    May also start my second run through of Dragon Age.

    Nothing really this weekend as I'm putting up Christmas Lights on the house! :)

    Probably catch up on The Office (US) later tonight, I'm a few seasons behind... :(

    Finally, when I do play something this weekend, it will probably PixelJunk Shooter, played abit of it on Friday Night, is a damn nice little game... :)

    NHL 10

    I just picked it up, and being a casual fan of Ice Hockey for years now....this is the best sports game i've ever played. It reminds me alot of Forza 3 in that the sliders let anyone jump in and pick it up. You can make it as hard or as easy as you like.

    I just cant stop it, currently got 2 Be A Pro's on the go, after I found out I'd rather be a Sniper than a Playmaker haha

    A bit busy this weekend so just some TF2. Repping the Solys! (Demo's are already overpowered!)

    Just picked up inFAMOUS nice and cheap, have a playthrough of that.
    Also abit of MW2 online..

    I'm hoping to pick up Borderlands on 360. Had it for PS3 but all my mates are on Xbox Live so I sold it to hook up with them.
    Awesome game

    David, make sure you collect all the glyphs for maximum brain violation. I'll be interested to hear your views on the ending (and what it means for the inevitable sequel!)

    Hired Saw. Not a classic but not terrible either. But am wondering and bewildered how this got through our classification process with a MA15+ rating.

      So am I, I dont see why a game based on seeing people get murdered by a wide range of devices and traps gets MA15+ and Aliens vs Predator is too violent.

      I suppose if Jigsaw took Trophy Kills they would've Refused it Classification.

    Metroid Prime Trilogy, with a bit of the usual Starcraft matches with my friends on the side =)

    Working all weekend but will try and play a bit of Assassin's Creed II as well.
    I might also look into playing Devil May Cry 4 which I picked up from Dick Smith for $18 (-$2 for staff discount).
    And maybe some MW2 multiplayer if I'm in the mood.

    This weekend I'll be playing Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks in preparation for reviewing it for chronoclasm.com. Check out my other reviews if you're interested in reading my spirit tracks one!

    I never played company of heroes when it came out (don't know why, I did buy it) but I played it last week and couldn't put it down. So this weekend I'm playing the expansions, which I got on Steam as part of this awesome pack of like all THQ's games on Steam for $100. Its pretty decent value actually, with Titan Quest, Dawn of War 2, the recent Red Faction and other stuff...

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