What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I expect many of you will be playing whatever new games you got for Christmas. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the apocalypse thanks to an early review copy of Darksiders.

I'll also be installing the preview code of Stalker: Call of Pripyat that landed on my desk just before I left the office for the holidays. And maybe I'll have time to find out just how much Rapture has changed in the years between BioShock and its upcoming sequel.

How about you?


    Mr Spoon is traversing the wasted frontier planet of Pandora in Borderlands.

      I gave up on Borderlands. I spent too long waiting for it to get better, to have more of a point. I suppose I'm just more of a Modern Warfare kinda guy.

        mw has a point?

          since when does getting headshots, leveling up with insane exp points and making noobs QQ not have a point?

    Being on holidays I am hoping to sink myself in to Assassins Creed 2. But first off I am playing around with the Sega Ultimate Collection for the PS3. I picked this up the other day for $30 and for 40 games, this I thought was a bargain.

    It is amazing to go back and revisit these games after 15 years! Just to see how far the video game industry has come and it gets me excited to see what else the industry has to offer in the future.

    In another 15 years will I look back on games like Uncharted 2 and think that the graphics weren't all that crash hot compared to modern day games (2025).

      And while I am there, I may as well dable in some Saints Row 2 seeing as I just picked it up for $25 brand new in Myer in the sales.

    I'll probably be playing The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, because I really don't have much else to do around here until about New Years Eve. :/

    I got Ratchet and Clank as a time killer, so I'll be trying to platinum that, I'll also play some online Borderlands with family in other cities

    I got inFamous for Christmas, but I've got a stack of games I haven't finished (or started in some cases). I'll probably keep playing through Valkyria Chronicles - I just got started on it, and it's gotten me hooked.

    I've still got to go back to Far Cry 2, Star Ocean, LittleBigPlanet, and a bunch of other games at some point, mainly on PS3/360. I also should really finish Phantom Hourglass and pick up Spirit Tracks.

    I'm just working my way through any games I picked up in the last year or so that I haven't finished - that's what the holidays are for, right?

    Borderlands... still :)

    It seems that Pripyat is the hot new destination on the video game radar these days. And why not, it’s a desolate, abandoned, wasteland just asking to be turned into a game.

    As for me, I’ve been playing this old game called “Secret of evermore” on the old snes9x, I had it on the snes when I was like 7. It’s the only game Squaresoft ever let Americans make for them, and it’s my favorite game of all time.

    I don't know where to begin, these sales on Steam are insane and I've now got more games than I have time to play (and more than I've got download quota to get, some will have to wait a month)

    Been mostly stuck into Beyond Good and Evil. Been kind of interested in that since everyone got excited a few months back over the prospect of a sequel, never noticed it when it first came out but so far it has been a pretty good game.

    I somehow need to rationalize all these games with new releases coming out over the next few months as well. Darksiders being the one that's coming first. Really interested in it because of all the comparisons to Zelda.

    ill be finishing off assasins creed and might try finish mass effect again just to squeeze in one last play through before ME2 comes out.

    Picked up Rock Band for the 360 at Kmart this morning for $39.45...

    Guitar, Drums and Game for under $40...was quite happy with that.

    Assassin's Creed 2. Love it.

    I tried the demo for Dante's Inferno. Could they have ripped off God of War any harder? Seriously all they've done is change the design of the main character. It probably took them more effort to exactly replicate GoW than it would have to make an original game. Hilariously pathetic that it is exactly identical to a PS2 game...

    GTA Liberty City Stories. Enjoying it :)

    Well i just bought a massive pile of games from the steam store... But they are going to have to wait until the end of the month lest i cap my poor plan.

    So in the meantime i'll entertain myself with League of Legends, lots of defence grid and whatever games i decide to spend my christmas money on.

      ME too. Except I upgraded my ADSL 2 limit through bigpond to 100 gig last month so I got plenty of quota. I also got a new Hard drive so Im gonna install everything. Ive been a steam shopper since 2004 and now have 200 steam games (Literally!!)

        Lucky lucky you. My funds are oh so limited so this sale is a blessing, it means i can expand my game collection from 1 to 2 :D

    Shadow of the Colossus... wanna finish it before I sell it :(

    Well, with the Steam sales I got given by a friend Serious Sam HD, bought myself the id pack and I gave myself IL-2 Sturmovik and Operation: Flashpoint on the 360 - so probably more than likely a combination of both the 360 titles, maybe with a bit of Oblivion thrown into the mix (if I can find a non-screwed savegame...)

    Dragon Age Origins, and I've been getting some decent pings in MW2 recently, so a lot of that as well... will also probably go to JB tomorrow or Monday an cash in some vouchers/spend christmas money on the games I missed out on during the year.

    I'll be attempting to Finish Dragon Age With on all of my Five Characters.

    I'll be playing heaps of Vagrant Story! Love this game, and so happy it came out on PSN.
    Also, probably some more Demon's Souls and Dragon Age: Origins.

    Hitting up GH5, since I picked up a RB full instrument set for 100 bucks at EB. I realize it was cheaper elsewhere, but I couldn't find one for 360 and they were selling like hotcakes (I saw six other people with the set) so I figured I'd pick one up while I can.

    Final fantasy XIII JP

    Game is awesome

      Is it as linear as they say? What are your impressions of their being no towns, as well?

    @David: How's Darksiders? I've read your preview and all, but do you reckon its worth the time and money?

    With LOTS of big games are coming out early next year (small list below), it's hard to see how I'll spare time for darksiders.

    Bayonetta 7 January
    Bioshock 2 mid Feb
    AVP mid Feb
    FF XIII Early March
    GoW III mid March

      I'm still not sold on the gameplay, but the character designs have caught my eye. I'm looking forwards to hearing some responses though!

      As for me... I finally picked up Left 4 Dead (no, not the sequel) a little while ago when it was on sale (so did my brother - slaughtering zombies is fun for the whole family ^^). Torchlight is a steal too, and it's only $5 on steam right now.

    I'll be playing My new PSP with some LittleBigPlanet! It's very fun so far, and I'm extremely happy it's not just a port like I'd thought.

    MW2, crack in time, sonic unleashed and shaun white snowboarding ;D

    My initial plan was to get the Mile High Club achievement on MW but was able to get it a few days ago. Tried it a few more times and have been successful on two occasions.

    Now trying to get the intel on MW this weekend but will tire of that pretty easily.

    Have just started on Borderlands and will play that a bit more tonight.

    Still the same old Metroid Prime, Brawl and Starcraft xD
    After I'm done with Metroid Prime, guess which game I'll play next.. haha =)

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