What Did Japanese People Search For Online? You Will Be Surprised

Before we get to that, let's talk about what Americans search for. Here are the top ten "Fastest Rising" words of 2009:

1. twitter 2. michael jackson 3. facebook 4. hulu 5. hi5 6. glee 7. paranormal activity 8. natasha richardson 9. farrah fawcett 10. lady gaga

Now let's look at Japan:

1. Dragon Quest IX 2. Mieko Tanaka 3. bing 4. Makoto Kitano 5. Shinken 6. Demon's Souls 7. Noriko Sakai 8. Dump Matsumoto 9. Zeni Geba 10. Kamen Rider Decade

Demon's Soul? Really?

Google、2009年の急上昇ワードNo.1「ドラゴンクエスト9」 [マイコミジャーナル]


    I like the fact that people "googled" bing

    at least bing is obviously working to some degree in japan.

    MS can't catch a break in some fields can they. at least they have one thing to gloat about in Japan. BING!

    Just let Google be the primary search engine and be done with it. No sense in wasting precious money that goes down the drain.

      Yeah, because monopolies never lead to dodgy business behaviour...

      Isn't it a little embarrassing though that they -needed- to google for it?

    Surprised there isnt any porn related terms. ALthough this is the "fastest rising" list which may indicate that those kinds of things are searched for consistently.

    You can 'search' for porn?


    That game is awesome! (possibly best I've ever played. ie: reward factor) ...and you need all the help you can get!

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