What Exactly Is Konami's "Piece Walker" Site Getting At?

This site is not the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker portal. This site is. So what exactly is Konami touting with this picture of sneaky Snake equipping a box. What's going on?

Beats me, What, you thought I was gonna tell you on the jump? Siliconera noticed the "Piece Walker" portal, but has no clue, either. The only links on the page are to Konami, Kojima Productions, and the Peace Walker demo.



    I love that box. Best stealth item in the history of anything anywhere, period.


    I'm putting my money on "Piece Walker" being a mobile phone game, most likely iPhone.

      I would put absolutely all my money against that being what it is, no offense.

    Hideo Kojima is always cryptic as hell when it comes to this kind of stuff, this could literally mean anything. Remember that stormy flash video thing with the numbers and letters before this years E3, that had people guessing for months.

      Oh yeah, that was awesome. Yeah, me and my friends debated it for a few days then we gave up and waited for the announcement.

        Too bad that announcement was for a crappy site that no one ever went to again

    Who doesn't love cardboard boxes.

    Then again, Kojima is as crazy with games as Michael Jackson, God save his soul, was with dancing.

    Maybe it will let you buy 'pieces' of MGS: Peace Walker memorabilia.

    No? It was worth a shot.

    Could be a web comic or animated flash thing, or maybe an elaborate teaser website. Kojima's nuts so it will inevitably be crazy too

    It's going to be 'an "Online Jigsaw Puzzle Battle" Live on the 28th of january at 3:00pm (Japan Time)'
    - Taken From the actual site

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