What Game Of The Year Awards Would You Like?

So I'm trying to decide how I should organise the inaugural Kotaku AU Readers' Game of the Year awards. It makes sense to ask you guys how you'd like to be involved.

Sure, I have my own thoughts on how it would work best, but I'm keen to hear your ideas too. However, I'm not going to show my bias by running down a list of options in this post.

Instead I'll just ask one simple question: What makes a readers poll most interesting for you?

(And, before you ask, yes, that's another screenshot of Far Cry 2, my personal game of 2008.)


    Please please please make a Atkinson's "Think of the Children" Award for the game most/least deserving of a R18+ rating, or somesuch.

      Or how about the highest "most bullets to quality of game ratio"

    I find that the most interesting polls are ones that ask a question I am actually interested in seeing the answer for. Asking something like "which of these games was your favourite game this year" while interesting on its own, i would expect the results to line up with general sales and reviews. Thus it wouldn't be the most interesting poll possible. Where as say a question like: "Which of these innovations this year was your favourite" i would find more interesting.

    Party at the Dolphin.

    Interesting categories. People usually know what the best selling/rated game in XYZ genre is going to be. How about Best Story? Best plot twist? Most ban-able? Lamest dialogue? Most over-hyped? Best soundtrack?

    Try & arrange a poll that isn't easy to fudge/skew the results.

    Acknowledge runners up (so the comments aren't pages of people bitching about what you've overlooked & why)

      Agreed more categories than simply "game of the year" are always fun to read.

      Could be displayed as both best and worst eg: best/worst dialogue, best/worst multiplayer etc.

      I agree with this idea too. Too often the categories just end up being a 'most popular' game. I, as others have already said, fear MW2 taking a big one like game of the year, when honestly I wasn't all that impressed.

      I would also like to see some 'worst' categories, though these dont necessarily have to be real award categories, more like ways to just point out moronic decisions in the gaming world. Like 'best game that got the guts ripped out of it' for L4D2.

    Uncharted 2, hands down.

    I think BatmanAA, SFIV, COD-MW2 and Fifa10 also quality titles.

      I'm asking how you would like the readers awards conducted, not what you'd vote for.

      wait, jumped the gun and didn't read that question correctly. Silly children wanting me to help them with their Math.

      Real answer, the diversity of choices that the reader has. Also polls that cover the different categories for the different genre. Ie fifa (sports), brutal legend (adventure), cod (fps) all quality titles and I'd personally like to see breakdown of what readers' poll in different genres before they GOTY poll.

    I think you could do a "best and worst of" type thing, just have people cast their votes in the comments

    For me, long diatribes on why such and such a game is good can be fascinating to read if written well and honestly. How it affected you, what time of year did you play it and if that made a difference, stuff like that. That and the occasional mention of a specific section of the game and how you played it always fascinate me.

    Dead Space was mine for 2008.

    Best cinematics? Best multiplayer moments? Most frustrating?

    Just a few I'd like to see.

    What about the worst piece of crap award. *cough* Darkest Of Days *cough*

    One factor i often consider when purchasing a game is how long will it entertain me? I enjoyed the new COD and got many many hours up. I then play another game and finish it in 5 - 10 hours and never touch it again.

    So really I'd be interested in a playtime type poll. Might inspire me to purchase a game i normally wouldnt.

    Simple categories and a tally of each person's answers: "Best", "Worst", "Best Newcomer", "Most Surprising", "Most Improved", "Best Indie", "Best Sequel" etc...

    I think there's two questions you should be asking... which game do you think SHOULD get GOTY.... annnd, which game you think WILL get it...

    As in, not all games are created equal. You know a lot of big sites are going to go with what sold well, and kind of neglect the games that really deserve it... I'm more interested in what people think deserve it more than anything.

    Seems unfair on games like Uncharted 2, which anyone can tell you hasn't sold nearly as many copies as Modern Warfare... but is in a lot of ways the better game.

    What I would really like to see is a special award for games that are evolving the media into uncharted territory. Taking them from being the classic view of a game and pushing them into exploring other areas much as film, music, and the written word has done before.

    As a nomination I would recomment Atomic Games' "6 Days in Falujah." Awarded for their dilligent effort in unbiasedly preserving an historical event, despite significant bigotry from much of the media.

    It is not a disservice, to remember and honor those who fought, those who died, and those who were loved by friends and family. Think of the game not as making money off fallen heroes, but preserving their memory and bravery (for both sides of the conflict).

    http://www.gameclassification.com/files/games/Walker.png THE MOST BAD ASS GAME EVER MADE. ... HANDS DOWN ... anything naughtydog make is good ... far cry 2 ... I ... . . zzzzzzz

      Fracture, I think it's time for your medication.

        Or time to get OFF the medication...

    perhaps we could name them the Goosey's/Geese Awards... (sp? grammar?)

    The Golden Goose of the Year
    Best Lead Gander
    Best Lead Hen
    Best Gosling (New Character)
    Best Gathering Of Geese (Best Publisher)
    Best Goose (Top Gun) Impression (Game that 'died' at retail)
    Best Goose(bumps) Game (Thriller/Horror Game)

    ok... I've got nothing more and will show myself out... :p

      i like golden goose lol that can be goty category

      'Best Banned in Australia game 2009'

      as tehre was enough to justify a category :p

    use flash to make a maze you have to solve before you can vote that way only people with time to kill and the brains to match can vote

    Maybe a couple of random categories...

    Like 'Coolest Gun Award', 'Most Br00tl Finishing Move Award', 'Most Popular Licensed Music Track Award', 'Most Loved Protagonist Award', 'Most Creative Use of In-Game Intel Award', 'Most Entertaining In-Game Magazine Cover'....

    Personally I would love to see 10 Nominees for game of the year. Not in any Order at all and you write it up as you did last year.

    Then pick your own Personal Favourite game.
    Alongside catogories such as best innovation. Biggest suprise, biggest dissapointment and such

    The Uncharted 2 Award.

    Only because without it, it'd be too unfair for the rest of the competition because we all know Uncharted 2 will trounce everything.

    No doubt Uncharted 2 will take the award considering Kotaku never STFU about it even before it was released.

    WITH THAT SAID - it does deserve it.

    Umm like someone said, one thing i'd like to see is the opposite of each award. A worst for each best.

    Multiplayer, Online, Exclusive, Sound, Graphics, Voice-talk

    As long as you have best Flash game, I'm happy.

    I like the goose stuffs ^^

    Most pointless plot
    Best Line of dialogue
    Best NEW character
    Funniest moment
    Best artwork/graphics (not the same as most realistic)

    If you were to pick one from my list it should be most pointless plot. Games developers really need the efforts in incoherence and futility recognized.

    How about these for poll items:

    The Far Cry 2 award: Which game this year came closest to perfection but had one or two major issues that kept it from being universally loved by gamers (even if critics loved them)?

    The inside baseball award: Which gaming terms were you most sick of hearing about this year (motion control, emergent narrative, social gaming etc)?

    The Foot in Mouth disease award: What was the craziest statement made by a gaming executive this year?

    LunchTimeWaster award: As you might expect but a bit hard to get all the lunchtimewasters into a poll.

    The Won't somebody think of the children award: Which MA15+ rated game was most deserving of an R18 this year.

      Foot in Mouth disease award: Easy, Peter Molyneaux. No idea what claims he's made this year, but on past performance, he has got to win, hasn't he?

      (Don't get me wrong, I love some of the work he's been responsible for but it's mostly old Amiga based stuff - the Populous games, Syndicate & SWars, etc)

    broken joystick award for most frustratingly difficult game that is still enjoyable..

    fap for baps award to the retail release game of the year that is really more about staring at the screen with drool running down your chin than actual gameplay content

    dress in tights award for the best game that allows us to become/play a superhero

    omgwtfbbq award for the new game wit hthe most belligerent fan base.

    'did you see that?!?' award for the best use of scenery and background animations ect

    then the standard overhyped award, biggest surprise success ect..

    The Cheapest Boss Award
    The 'I'm not playing it until the patch comes out' Award
    The 'I made noodles waiting for the game to load' Award
    and the one with the obvious winner..
    The 'Boycott fail' award

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