What Is This Second Mystery Spike VGA Teaser For?

Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards show promises a handful of brand new video game announcements, including (but not limited to) the previously teased Spec Ops revival and whatever this newly revealed title is.

So, what is this deep cover detective game, apparently set in Hong Kong? Well, it could be the "action-based game set in Hong Kong" developed by United Front Games and published by Activision, announced earlier this year. The folks at UFG—also responsible for PlayStation 3 exclusive ModNation Racers—haven't officially said much about that game, other than that it's bound for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but we're sure that'll change next week.

For now, enjoy the soothingly narrated tones of what sure sounds like English super actor Tom Wilkinson and some pre-rendered visuals.


    After looking at the screenshot above - Deus Ex 3? Though I don't think Hong Kong was ever listed as a place you would visit. After the movie not so sure, seems a bit 'light' for a Deus Ex game.

    i was thinking maybe new getaway or even driver who knows? by the way does anyone know if the spike video game awards 2009 will be broadcasted on australian tv?

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