What Japanese Erotic Game Voice Actresses Look Like, Part 2

It's their voices that players fall in love with, but here is a look at the some of the biggest names in the eroge voice business. This is what they look like.

Voice actresses have dedicated fan bases in Japan — some are so well known among players that their voice acting is used to promote and sell the game, much like name scenario writers or illustrators are used to sell titles in Japan.

Some of the actress appeared in the previous collection Kotaku featured. Many did not!



    I find that most asians are rather off-putting. The japanese girls are ok until they smile and yo usee their teeth. scary.

    Thailand is pretty good tho

      Cheers for that slice of casual xenophobia...

        My thoughts exactly flux - why has an article on voice actresses turned into a generalisation of females from an entire continent?

      I just do not get how people find Thai women hot. The broad majority just do not do it for me, but Japanese or Chinese girls in general do.
      I know I'm the minority in this case, as I have a slew of friends who love the Thai.

    wow...and here I thought all animes regardless of whether its mainstream or erotic only had the same 2 voice actresses.

    One for the soft spoken, child-like girl
    and one for the more grown up, agressive girl.

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