What Makes Mass Effect 2 'Mature'? Future Blouses, Alien Pole Dancing & Drugs

There's more to Mass Effect 2 than just excessive emotional engagement. The spacey role-playing game sequel also offer extraterrestrial pole dancing, henchmen hip gyrating, dirty talk and large splashes of blood, says the game's ESRB description.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board offers an informative, potentially spoiler-filled account of what makes Mass Effect 2 deserving of a "Mature" rating, including the standard stuff, like enemies emitting "large splashes of blood when shot (particularly with "head shots")" and bad guys lying "stagnant in pools of blood." And you can "set robots on fire," something our future robotic overlords won't forget.

But what about the stuff that should get Mass Effect 2 a repeat appearance on Fox News? Oh, there's some of that too.

"The game contains themes of illicit drug use, addiction, and trafficking-often focal points to the branching storylines," says the ESRB's ratings description, making reference to a fictional drug.

And? "During the course of the game, players may enter a bar where alien pole dancing exists (choreography highlighted on big-screen monitors) or hear suggestive comments such as 'krogan sexual deviants enjoy salarian flexibility' and 'if this is just about sex, maybe you should just f**king say so.'" My, how potentially objectionable!

But here's where Mass Effect 2 gets hot.

The ESRB says: "Players can also choose to have 'romantic encounters' with the alien/human henchmen characters; this involves watching a guided cutscene in which two characters flirt, kiss, and/or embrace: clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on top of a space console, clear away the clutter from a bed-slab, unzip a future-blouse, or just talk it out. Though an alien/human may gyrate her hips while on top (fleeting-one-to-two seconds), actual sex is never depicted-the camera cuts away to space furniture and ceilings."

Oh, space furniture. You're always getting in the way!


    mmmm future blouse

    I smell a future banning in AU. Something with all that will never get through under the current climate.


      Nope it got through. Phew! I would of got violent if this one was banned/modified. :P

      Only if it were real drugs man. And if you were able to take them yourself. And if the game were fun... and if the game were interesting... and if the game were presenting a mature them of, oh I dunno, anything above a preschool level maturity at this point. Sometimes I hate living in Australia :\

      We may have a beautiful country, but goddammit if we don't have a backwards stance on censorship.

    Setting robots on fire!? This game will be banned for sure!
    Next they'll ban a game featuring our fat little plumber for jumping on heads of goombas, or SF for hurling fireballs at people, after all, some children could actually attempt this!

    Agree with Matthew.

    Mass Effect 2 may be one of the better games out in 2010, but apparently it's fine for midday movies and soap shows on TV to have nudity, depict violence and show drug use but God forbid you have the same thing in a computer game.

    I've done a quick searh of the NASA site, and I can't find "Space Cabinet" anywhere.

    Is it something we could maybe get from Ikea?

      Must be a huge-ass cabinet if its gonna fill ALL that 'space'...

    Man reading that article made me panic that it would be banned. Cheers Marathon for that link, that eases my nerves :)

    Future blouse? Space furniture? lol
    Someone at the ESRB obviously has a bit of a sense of humour.

    Wouldn't want to set them robots on fire. Might scare the kiddies

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