What The Deuce Is Star Wars: Legends?

There's a listing over on the website of the Australian Classification Board for a game we've never heard of. It's called Star Wars: Legends. And no, before you ask, it hasn't been banned.

The title was submitted for classification way back in June, and earned the game a Mature rating (for "fantasy violence"). Interestingly, it's listed as an internal Lucasarts project, with Activision down as publisher.

And it's not just the Classification Board making stuff up; "Star Wars: Legends" also appears as a recent filing with the US Patent Office.

A Star Wars game we've never heard of, developed by Lucasarts, mature content... anyone would think this was the game due to be revealed at the Spike VGAs later this month.

[thanks Brodie!]


    If so, it means the Spike VGA announcement isn't a new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game :(

      What with H.A.W.X, Ace Combat and IL2 all appearing on Consoles and doing reasonably...

      You think they could come up with a Star Wars Flight Game that was half decent, since thats the part of the Series I love the most..

      They have the story in the form of the X-Wing Series by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston there to use for the games...(though alot does take place on the the ground in some books), it still could be adapted into game form...

      But yeah...easier to pump out more Jedi Crap because everyone wants a friggin Lightsaber these days...

      No one wants a Snubfighter...or an Eyeball, Deuce, Squint....God I've read too much Star Wars..

        In all fairness, no-one wants to drive a wishbone or cross either.

        I've missed flying a Bright since Tie Fighter though.

          Or the ever OP Trips! Been a while since I've re-re-re-read the Rogue Squadron novels. Might dive back into reading them once I finish the Dexter Omnibus off!

          I miss playing TIE Fighter and annoyed about how much of a hassle it is to get running properly on modern machines/graphic cards.

            I kept my old IBM Aptiva running just so I could play it... but the power supply went last year and it was just to difficult to replace it.

            But yeah I haven't re-read those books in a while, ever get to read his Battletech / Mechwarrior stuff... also excellent.

    "it hasn’t been banned."...Yet!

    "legends" sounds like a collection of software, like a best of thing...

    But clearly that wouldn't require its own seperate classification.

    *shrug* I guess we'll find out.

    I bet its a tower defence game staring jar jar binks.

    Hardly likely to be banned if it's already rated M

    as long as its not another pathetic Wii stick waggler and not related tot the clone wars ill be happy

      A decent Clone Wars game that didn't suck would be good. Take the dark tone of the Clone Wars animated show (well, Season 2 anyway) and apply the same principles to a game. Knights of the Republic: Clone Wars anyone? (wishful thinking, I know)

    I hope this isn't Clone Wars crap

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